💵Sold to
🕶️Mafia King 🤴
(🤦He doesn’t give a f**k about her but
won’t let her go 🥺)

By Authoress Fik ky ✍🏻📝📚

Chapter 6 🥃

Xavier’s POV 💼

Should I let her get fired or what? I thought looking at her picture then smirk.

A beautiful plan to make her suffer and feel pain came into my head.

“I don’t want her fired.” I said and the lady other side gaps.

” I want her to be our personal waitress whenever we come down to eat.

If we order anything from your restaurant, I want her to be the one to deliver it.

Can she cook really well? “I asked.

” Yes, she is a very good cook. I wonder why she was picked as a waitress instead of a cook.

I mean very good that she always stand in for our head chef whenever she isn’t around. ”

She read out epistle while I intentionally groaned loudly.

“I didn’t ask for an introduction or epistle, I only ask a question.” I said angrily.

” Sorry sir, she can cook sir even… ”

” That’s very good. “I cut in before she read out another long story for me.

I wonder where they saw her and make her the receptionist.

“I want her to be our personal chef and waitress.” I said.

“But sir, it’s not part of the contract she signed up for. “The lady replied.

Only God knows I hate people of her kind, always having something to say.

“Are you trying to question my order and authority?” I questioned angrily.

” No sir, sorry sir. “She replied nervously. Am very sure she is holding her breath right now.

In other words, am sure she hasn’t taken a single breath since morning.

“One more thing, on no account must she sever anyone except me and my brothers in that restaurant.

Neither should I be informed she cooked for someone else in that restaurant.

Whenever I order her, you or your manager has no right to interfere.

About the pay, she will always collect her salaries from me and you must pay the same amount you have been paying her.

Any questions? “I asked even though I know she won’t dare to ask one.

I only want to test her patience.

“No sir.” She replied shuttering.

“Fine.” With that, I hung up smiling to myself like I just won in a war.

I can’t wait to order her around like my slave, I thought before bringing the engine to life.

I decided to head home with that evil smirk plastered on my face.

Laurel’s POV 🍑

“Hey stupid man!” I yelled but he didn’t answer me while everyone gaps in shock.

” What? “He asked looking around but no one answered him which makes him more angry.

“What!” He yelled again making everyone shiver in fear while some customers ran out.

“Big man you don’t need to shout and scare the customer away.

I was about accusing the waitress on your behalf but think you should be blame for these.

Because you were busy taking pictures of me instead of listening to what I have to say. “I said.

Even with what I just said, he didn’t stop taking my picture.

“I said you shouldn’t take any picture of me or you are deaf! ”

I yelled hitting the phone off his hand making it fall straight to the ground and I smashed it.

I was more than angry because I hate it when people snap me without asking for my permission.

And I also hate it when people don’t listen to me whenever u ask them not to do something.

I have warned him not once, not twice but three times but still, he went ahead doing what I ask him not to do.

I don’t know who he thinks he is to go against my wish and want.

Someone can’t just go around snapping people pictures, it’s not done like that.

You should take permission from someone before taking his or her pictures.

Who knows if he wants to do a background check on me and tell the world.

In the name of background check or in the name of whatever job he is doing.

I just want to smack his face on that table right behind him.

But am not as tall and strong as he is, he would just use a finger to lift me up.

And maybe throw me into the trash can sitted outside the restaurant.

But, I won’t back down. You can only bully me at home but not out here in public.

Mere looking at him, u want to drill holes in his head inorder to check out what he wants to use my picture for.

I am so furious that I didn’t know when he brought out his gun.

All I heard was the gunshots. Not even one, I couldn’t count because I am busy looking for where it’s coming from.

With the little light coming from my left, I was able to locate him standing with his gun.

Pointed at the only light helping me with a furious, deadly and dangerous face.

I didn’t realize we are this close to each other if not for the light coming from the left side.

Just as he shot the light, I picked my race knowing fully well am the next target on his list.

Running into the ladies toilet, I begin to pray for God’s favor that I didn’t know when I slept off… TBC

After causing big problem, she is now sleeping 🤣🤣

I pray they don’t pour her urine 😂😂🤣


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