💵Sold to
🕶️Mafia King 🤴
(🤦He doesn’t give a f**k about her but
won’t let her go 🥺)

By Authoress Fik ky ✍🏻📝📚

Chapter 5 🥃

Xavier’s POV 💼

I started feeling the need to pin her down and f**k her both front and back till she scream my name.

I was shocked with so much energy she possess. No one can never shut sky when it comes to food.

Aside me and that’s if an damn angry but if am not, he won’t answer me not to talk of a young looking girl.

Even his parent can’t stop him when it comes to him and his food.

But just one command from this little girl, he turned into a quiet boy who has never beep.

I want this girl, I thought taking my phone out of my pocket.

I brought it out ready to snap her when she said something.

Everyone gaps including the manager of the place making me wonder what she said.

“What?” I asked looking around for explanation but no one answered which makes me annoyed.

“What!” I yelled making everyone shiver in fear except her who stood still.

“Big man you don’t need to shout to scare away our customers.

I was about accusing the waitress instead of you but I think you should be blame for these.

Because you where busy taking pictures of me instead of listening to what I have to say. ”

She said accusing me of what I wasn’t even doing or should I say I was about doing.

I took some pictures of her then sent it to one of my boys for more information about her.

“I said you shouldn’t take any picture of me or you are dead!”

She yelled hitting the phone off my hands making me so furious in the process.

Taking out my gun from my side, I shot all the bub that gives the restaurant light making everything dark.

Carrying my things, I left because Xander stopped me from shooting her.

Everyone kept screaming While looking for the entrance door.

Unlike us, we operate in the night.

Meaning it’s normal for us to walk or do things at dark hours (night).

Walking into my car, I drove off speedy stepping on the gas.

I wonder what nerves the girl have to do that to me.

Don’t she know who I am before opening her mouth to spit rubbish? Of course she doesn’t.

If she is knows who I am, she wouldn’t have even look into my eyes not to talk of shout at me and destroy my things.

I am going to look for who her back bone is and then I take it off or break it into two.

Then, I will see what she is going to do when I destroy her and her back bone.

I thought bringing out my spare phone then switched it on and started working on it.

Of course, am not that stupid, I linked all my phone to each other but no one can know.

Not even my friends and twin brother know this. It has a security there.

I’d I should do anything on one of my phone, it would also show I did it on the other phones.

But if you don’t know the pin and code, you can’t unlock the application not to talk of knowing what I did on the phone.

Seeing her pictures again brought the need for me to destroy her and kill her.

If not for Xander, she would be six foot down already.

I wonder why he even interfere.

He should have allowed me to finish her or even use my bullet to drill holes in her fucking head.

Thinking about her brought more deadly plans into my head.

I kept slamming my hands on my dashboard as i type furiously on my phone.

Bringing out the spare cigarette in my car , I lit the cigarette before putting it into my mouth.

I started puffing it still putting my anger into it.

I just wished I can rewin it and get my hand on that girl, I won’t let her out of my hook not once.

Why? Because I will enjoy torturing someone like her.

Someone like her will be very difficult to control and stubborn.

And I , I love things like this.

What can I use to make her live with me then I can touch her to my want.

Or better still, I will make her come to my home and then, I will make her suffer.

Beg me with her tear for the way am going to use her.

By then, I will tose her aside . And let my men use her to their want and wish before I finally kill her.

Then send her dead body to her parent or owner or whoever she’s living with.

Even before I kill her , she would be begging for death by then.

Because I trust my men , they will use her to the extent that she’s about crossing to the other side .

I thought smirking before taking out my phone to call the owner of that restaurant.

“Good evening, this is richly taste restaurant. How may we help you sir or ma’am”a lady said.

” Xavier Macurs speaking. I replied tiredly.

” sir, we are sorry for the inconveniences , we are sorry for employing an incompetent waitress.

We here by plead on the behalf of the restaurant and assure you the lady would be fired immediately.”

The lady kept ranting over the phone making wonder why I even called in the first place.


“Please don’t sue us to court sir.

we will be responsible for your treat for a year and would fire the girl with immediate effect. ”

She begged again.

Should I let her get fired or what, I thought… TBC

What would be Xavier Macurs answer?🤔

Will he demand for the girl to be fired or what?🤔


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