💵Sold to
🕶️Mafia King 🤴
(🤦He doesn’t give a f**k about her but
won’t let her go 🥺)

By Authoress Fik ky ✍🏻📝📚

Chapter 4 🥃

Xavier’s POV 💼

“Guys,I think am tired and hungry.” Sky said making all of us laugh.

For Sky,food has always been his first priority. No food,no work. That’s his rule.

“Sorry boyfriend,just wait a little before you devour your girlfriend.” Raven joked.

” Oh please,who doesn’t eat here.” Sky said rolling his eyes like a girl.

“you guys shouldn’t argue with each other, instead let round these up.” I said.

” What about eating? “Sky asked making close my eyes then opened them again.

“Fine, let’s go now but before then, let’s check two or more files. ”

I said earning dangerous diggers and look from all of them.

Including Xander that haven’t said anything since.

“Fine, let’s go now.” I said picking my phones and keys then make our way to our different cars.

Entering our cars, we drove off to our one and only restaurant that gives us joy.

On a norms, we only go there around 8pm for dinner but I think today’s work has drained them.

Because the cook do bring us lunch while we take dinner outside.

Cause she would be asleep by the time we return home.

And we wouldn’t want to disturb the old woman after the cooking she has been doing since morning.

We all live in the same house with only one cook but there are many cleaners at home.

We are just four best friend who people called XXSR.

Which means Xavier, Xander, sky and Raven. We are very dangerous but act cool to people.

But if you over step your boundaries, we will surely sting you in a very dangerous way.

And if you are lucky, you might leave without your body part complete.

But if you aren’t lucky, you will surely end up dead.

We are four dangerous Mafias.

Am the leader while Xander is my right hand side Man.

Sky is my left hand side Man while Raven is my adviser whenever the needs arrive.

Xander and I are twins from the same mother and father while Raven and sky are our best friend.

Xander and I met sky before meeting Raven and it turned out we are all into the same business.

I mean our parents are into this business automatically, we are into it also.

Just six years ago, dad made me take up his space because Xander isn’t as stone hearted as I am.

He always have a soft spot when it comes to dealing with ladies.

But as for me, I don’t care if my enemy is a girl or boy, we kill anyone who trespass.

I couldn’t do it alone because our mafia society is just like an extended family.

I had to summon my friends and brother who as been with me since the day one I called them till date.

We are all known to be trouble maker that’s why we are friends.

The first day I met Raven, one might think he is some what gentle because he is a silent type.

But once we mingle together, he reveled his true colors.

Unlike sky, when I met him, I instantly knew he isn’t a gentle type of person.

How? It was food that made me know who he is.

It’s a feast between my family and the mafia society.

The waitress sharing small chops and wine passed him by.

He had to draw her with her dress to him.

From there, commotion started that my dad and u had to interfere.

Even with it, he still doesn’t accept sorry until I gave him more foods to eat before he let go.

And from that day onward, we have been best of friend.

We are all of the age but different month and different date.

Driving into the restaurant premises, as I was about to come down from my car, I saw this girl.

She is so hot to have for tonight the moment she shakes her hair and closed her car.

I was already wishing she pass through where we are going to pass.

So that I can bump into her and pretend I didn’t know.

From there, I would have her digit and pay her bills and call her over to my place.

She bent and pick something then started moving to the back of her car shaking her butt.

My junior was standing that I had to bend over inorder to keep it.

Looking back up, it’s like the lady disappeared.

I was disappointed that I didn’t see her face not to talk of her digit.

Taking my phone out, I took the picture of her car Number inorder to track her.

I then decide to follow the others before they notice have started my naughty job again.

Entering inside, we took our dear but not at our usual spot today.

I don’t know why I want that girl so badly on my bed because my mind isn’t leaving the girl big butt.

Lost in my thoughts of who this girl is, I suddenly hear a voice yell.

Turning my head to where the voice come from, I saw a girl not as beautiful as the one I saw earlier.

I can still manage her for tonight, I thought checking her out.

I started feeling the need to pin her down and f**k her both front and back till she scream my name…. TBC

Who is that beautiful girl from the garage?🤔🤔

This one that he wants to f**k that other girl and this new one🤣🤣

What will now happen?🤔😂💔

Will he f**k the two of the together?? 🤔😂💔


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