💵Sold to
🕶️Mafia King 🤴
(🤦He doesn’t give a f**k about her but
won’t let her go 🥺)

By Authoress Fik ky ✍🏻📝📚

Chapter 3 🥃

Laurel POV 🍑

After good four hours of lectures, I am finally able to take different air into my body.

As in, it’s only the air from air-conditioned that have been breathing in since.

Stepping out of the school, I walk towards my car ready to unlock it when I heard someone calling for me.

Turning around, I saw Sophia running towards me still shouting my name.

“You could have just called my number rather than scream my name like that.”

I said rolling my eyes.

The thing is that I hate it when people shout or scream my name.

It makes me remember the way my father and step mother does.

The way they both do shout my name just to scold me on something I didn’t do.

“Sorry girlfriend.” She said hugging me while giving me that puppy dog face she knew I can’t resist.

“Fin, just get into the car before it’s too late.” I said unlocking my car.

I entered the driver side and she entered the passenger side.

Dropping our things at the back seat, we both fasten our belt before driving off.

She has been my friend for four months now, just one month after mom’s death.

She has been like the sister I never had and a mother to me.

To her, am this rich beautiful girl that earn her mother and father’s love.

She has never to my home before but I have been to hers many times.

But have just entered inside her house once which was when she was Ill.

I only drop her at her house then drive off to my own place of work.

She doesn’t know the reason behind me working at a restaurant with how expensive look.

My expensive dressed, shoes, bag, jewelries, car and rich girl lifestyle.

She thought am always feeling lonely at home that’s why I decided to take a part-time job.

Unknown to her that if I don’t take that part-time job, o won’t be able to pay my bills and expenses.

“Will you stay over for some reading today?” Sophie asked as I parked my car.

” Yes that would be after I finish working which is 6pm then I will leave by 8pm.”I said looking at her.

” How many hours will that be for us to study? Can’t you sleepover? “She asked pouting.

” Sophie, don’t give me that face. “I said looking away from her but she stopped me from doing so.

“Please, please, please, just this one.” She pleaded giving me that cute face.

” You know I can’t sleep over.” I said sighing tiredly.

“That’s what you always say, why don’t you grant me this one before exam start. “She begged.

Here we go again. I can’t sleep over at her place because of the two life disturbance machines at home.

I should leave the house for them but I can’t do that until one year after my mom’s death.

Why? Because of her grandparents said it’s their culture.

And not listening to them means disrespecting my Mom.

If they want to throw me out, they should do so now. I think I deserve to enjoy today.

I thought before smirking at the imagination of how they would react if I don’t come home.

And also their reaction if they see me tomorrow night coming into their home.

“Sure, am going to sleep over but now, I have to get to work before it’s too late.” I said.

” I won, I won , I won. “She sang even if I have shoo her out of my car.

I shook my head before driving out of their place. Down to my work place which isn’t that far away from this place.

Driving for 45mins,I reached my destination.

I turned off my car engine then took my plastic bag before walking into the restaurant through the back door.

One, I don’t need people especially men flirting with me the way am dressed.

Tow, I don’t need people digging into my personal business in the name of background check.

I don’t want to be the central of pity neither do I want someone to pity me.

And doing background check means digging up the shitty things about me.

That I have kept away from people for months now so I decided to pass through the back door.

Walking inside, I walk down to the changing room and change into my shirt and long pant.

Then I branched at my locker to drop the clothes I was wearing before.

Just as I was packing my hair, I started hearing voices. like angry ones.

I quickly leave my hair and ran down into the restaurant.

“What’s happening here?” I yelled knowingly to make everything drop dead.

“I was… I was… I was just…”

“You don’t have to explain yourself!” I cut off sharply.

Then I realized this is the manager director cousin I just shout at.

Now I know I have finally lost this job. Why can’t you just keep your nose out of others business.

Just like the way you want them to keep their noses off your business.

I thought shaking my head… TBC

Did she just yelled at the MD cousin?😱🥶

She just kissed her job good bye 🙈😂

What do you think will happen to Laurel now?🤔


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