💵Sold to
🕶️Mafia King 🤴
(🤦He doesn’t give a f**k about her but
won’t let her go 🥺)

By Authoress Fik ky ✍🏻📝📚

Chapter 2 🥃

Laurel POV 🍑

I quickly tore the gown leaving me in the short and shirt.

I ran into the sitting room but was stopped by the door which opened.

I stopped abruptly nearly making fall on the marble floor.

The stupid step brother of mine crashed on me making both of us fall on the marble floor.

He was about kissing me but stopped to look at where my attention is.

Taking his eyes there, he quickly stood up and dressed himself while he stood straight.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the sudden change of actions and behavior.

Stupid boy pretended nothing is happening and nothing has happened.

“Where is your dad?” The stranger asked making me turn my neck sharply just to look at him.

Am a little bit surprised that someone can just come into our home without greeting.

I mean greeting us. Only for him to demand for my father.

“He is….”

“Wasn’t talking to you because you don’t share blood and he isn’t your dad but hers. ”

The man lashed out cutting him off his sentence.

I know what he just said will later cause me another abuse and hatred when he leaves.

But who cares? Any little moment I have to humiliate them, I always do.

“Young lady.” The man called stretching out his hand for me.

I took it and he helped me back in my feet. I dust my body and rearranged my dress.

Before looking back to the man as if I didn’t hear his questions earlier.

“Where’s your dad young lady?” He asked again when he sees I didn’t reply.

” Oh, sorry my bad. My dad is long dead.”The moment I said these, I heard gaps.

“Laurel!!!” I heard my father called followed by his loud and angry foot steps.

” What? He asked for my dad and I told him he is long gone. Any problem with that? ”

I asked playing innocent.

” You this little bitch!! ”

He yelled rasing his hands to slap me but the man caught it before he could achieve his goal.

“I only have a father not a dad. Is it that hard to understand.

You aren’t my dad, so get that into your thick skull!! ”

I also yelled before walking away from him and also the living room.

I don’t know what he doesn’t understand in my sentence.

There are many different between father and a dad.

A father in my own definition is just like the way he is acting towards me.

But a dad is someone who will never kill his wife because of a concubine.

Choose another person child over his daughter.

He will always love and cherish his daughter no matter what happened.

But he is only a picture carrying that name called Dad so instead, I will give him father.

I hate it when he doesn’t understand the difference between these two.

He just always make me repeat myself on useless matter.

I bumped into my step mother who kept calling me back but I didn’t even turn around not to talk of answering her.

I storm off into my bedroom then remove everything I was wearing before entering the bathroom.

After bathing, I changed into a long jeans and a white chiffon shirt.

Paring it with a black sneakers and a multicolor bag pack where I have parked all my books into.

Pulling my hair up in a high ponytail, I did my edges and makeup.

Looking into the mirror, I nodded and smile at my hand work.

No body will know the ugliness behind this beautiful face and body.

Not that I aren’t beautiful without makeup, I am.

But I just decided to use makeup after my mom’s death.

Because I do have these feelings of covering all the ugliness in my life whenever I use makeup.

I picked out the uniform which I do use at work along side my ID card.

Putting it in a plastic bag, I took my car key, the key to my room and the key to my locker both school and work place.

I vacate my room and lock it.

The car am using now belongs to me. My grand parents gifted me with it on my 18th birthday.

It’s the last thing I have that brought smile to my mom face before she died.

Which makes it very precious to me.

I was about opening the curtain that demarcate the hallway and living room but stopped to peep.

“Don’t worry, I promise to pay your money back.” My father pleaded.

” When? “The same man who asked for him earlier asked.

“I don’t know yet but I will surely pay.” He said pleading.

” I don’t want your fake promises, I was my money before the end of the week.

Else, I will take every property that has your name written on it as mine. “The man threatened.

” Please don’t do that, I will pay your money before the week runs out. “He said.

After some minutes of silence, I walk out of my hiding place to meet my father with his head in his hands thinking.

I should have rendered some help but no, I won’t do that for a heartless man like him.

“And where do you think you are heading to? Am not done with you yet! ”

I heard my father yelled but I only rolled my eyes before leaving the house.

I have no time for his stupidness this morning, I thought before speeding off… TBC

How did you think her father is going to see that huge money?🤔

And who is the man?? 🤔


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