💵Sold to
🕶️Mafia King 🤴
(🤦He doesn’t give a f**k about her but
won’t let her go 🥺)

By Authoress Fik ky ✍🏻📝📚

Chapter 1 🥃

Laurel POV 🍑

Waking up, I rushed into my bathroom which is sitted at the right side of my room.

I changed from my night ware into a very tight knee length short.

I then pick out a long sleeve top before wearing a long gown on it.

Even with all these, he might still have his way. I thought making a year drop down my cheeks.

I quickly cleaned it off my face but couldn’t help it from trailing down.

Am more than damaged in the inside but the outside you all got to see is the beautiful girl.

I have been like this since the moment mom died, there’s not a little self respect left in me.

It’s just like they all await my mom Death.

Talking about my mom, she died due to shock and heart attack.

Thanks to dad for bringing that rubbish family spoiler into our home.

When she found out my dad has been cheating and has been unfaithful to their marriage for the past eighteen years.

She fainted due to the huge shock and heart attack.

The fist day went by, she didn’t wake up. Second day, third day, one week.

She didn’t wake up so she was placed on life support machine.

She spent only one month, dad got tried and stop paying her bills again.

He didn’t even allow me to go visit her during those times.

When ever I ask about her,he would say she is doing great.

Had it been I was allowed or told he wasn’t paying her bills anymore,I would have done something.

I would have gone to the bank and withdraw some cash just for her to be alright.

I mean my mom created a fixed account for me and I will be able to assess it once am eighteen.

Which I already clock few days before the incident.

Just after she was confirmed dead, my dad brought in his concubine and her son.

Little by little, my dad was drifting away from me till he turned into a stranger to me.

He started treating someone else son like his own child and treated me like am a nobody in his house.

He no longer want to breath the same air with me talkless of seeing me.

If not for the insurance my mom made for my education.

Am very sure my dad would have withdrawn from paying the bills.

If not for the fact that I am working on a coffee shop, to eat would be a problem for me.

Not to mention clothing, other needs and expenses, I would be so stranded.

On the other hand, my step brother is that person I don’t wish to always wake up to see.

Because he is the main source of my problem, sadness and pain.

Just the first week of him been here, I have raped by him.

I tried telling my dad, but instead of facing the bastard he brought into our house, he told me I was lying.

Since then, Everytime, he would come down to the kitchen since that’s the only place he can find me.

Because he knows I won’t even open the door to my room for him to come in.

But it’s one week now that I have been avoiding him, I haven’t set my eyes on him.

Because I do wake up 4am to prepare and sever their food. Then I go back into my room.

Get dress then ball out before 6am,am on my way to school.

Driving with a very slow pace in my car because it’s only 30 minutes to school.

But driving that way, I will use one hour to drive down to school.

By the time I will reach my school, it would be 7am or past 7am.

That why I do dress in a very tight dress before leaving for the kitchen.

But still, if he sees or meet me in the kitchen, he would tear everything am wearing.anf use me the way he wants.

Only if my mom is still alive, all these won’t be happening to me.

Only five months of her departure, I have been showed hell and have seen hell in this house.

After arranging my room, I walk out of my room using my touch as lead.

I made sure I make no sound as I make my way downstairs looking left and right, I walk into the kitchen.

I decided to make something for them and myself this morning instead of eating outside.

Just as I was picking milk, the kitchen door was opened by someone but I didn’t turn around.

Not until i felt that arm around my waist with his necklace jingling.

I quickly bit into his hand really hard making him release me.

“You this little bitch!” He yelled holding his hand out.

I quickly drop the items in my hands before running out of the kitchen.

But too late, he caught my gown before I could run out using it to draw me back.

I quickly tore the gown leaving me in the short and shirt.

I ran into the sitting room but was stopped by the door which opened… TBC

Who do you think open the door? 🤔🤔


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