SOLD TO A S£X FREAK – Episode 7



💥Sold To
A s*x freak 💦

[Her mother sold her out]

Episode 6

By Adebayo dolapo

#A week later

Tyler Byran 👔

” I and Dave went to the woman who wanted to sell her daughter, such woman like her are rear” I muttered as we drove inside their mansion, we both stay inside the car for a long time , before we hop down.

We press the button on the door, and the door open and a lady,_ pretty with a long gold hair came out with rags.

She’s the one Dave whispered into my hair.

My cock stand erected , ready to devour her immediately, can’t wait to drill her mercilessly..

I thought.

I was zoomed out of my thoughts, when the woman came out, we sat on a couch, negotiating about the pay.

Minutes later , the woman sold her out at 70 Pecos, I look up at the so call lady, she was crying profusely….

“The wedding is in two days time, I said grumpy and walked out, we got outside and hop inside the car and drive out speedily”.

✍️ Authoresses dolapo ✍️

The make up artist were doing a great job on Melissa face, Melissa look absolutely pretty in make-up.

She looks sexy, and super cool, Clara was very jealous of her , blaming her mother for selling her to a rich and popular guy like Tyler Byran.

Tyler Byran was one of Clara crush, but Tyler Byran can’t notice her again, since he his getting married today to her greatest enemy _melissa.

The makeup artist were done, and Melissa wear her short milk grown, which fit her body perfectly, showing her shape.

A part of her was sad but cheer up, since she was getting married to a rich guy, a cute looking guy.

Melissa blush lightly.

Sarah walked inside and rushed to her, make sure you never come back to our life again.

Sarah yelled angrily at her.

” Okay” Melissa said with anger and walked away from her mother not wanting to be sad .


Melissa walked majestically to her husband to be, who was standing before the priest and some court members.

Melissa was veryy shy of looking at her husband to be, Tyler Byran look away avoiding eyes contact with Melissa..

Melissa finally got to Tyler Byran.

” Do you Tyler Byran take Robert Melissa as your future wife, in terms of sickness, poverty, sadness”.

” Yeah”, I don’t have choice he muttered grumpy, and continue chewing gum …

“Do you Robert Melissa take Tyler Byran as your husband, in terms of sickness, poverty sadness”.

“Yes, I do ” I said and tears were gathering up in my face.

“You may kiss the bride” …
The priest said

😘 Kiss…

Tyler Byran remove the Vail slowly, and lean towards her and peck her lip.

They unlock from the peck, and sign a lot of paper , for them to become couples…..

✍️ Robert Melissa ✍️

The car pulled over at the parking lot, the mansion was so big , very big.

Immediately Tyler Byran car also drove speedily inside, I waited for him to come down, immediately he did .

He didn’t spare me a glance but just continue walking in, faster while I trail behind his back. .

We got inside, and I was still walking after him.

“Hey will you stop following me” he said gruffly”.

I just stood there starring like a doll…

“Holly Molly”

Such an arrogant guy.

I thought , his one of the nice guy..

I muttered…

He ingnore me and walked inside.

Minutes later, I found a empty room, it looks cool and pretty with different kinds of stuffs.

I entered and try removing my grown but notice it was zipped up.

Who gonna help me zip it down.

I thought for a long time, and finally decided to ask Bryan to help


. Tyler Byran gonna help her zip her zip down ooo.

The story just Begin.

💥Sold To
A s*x freak 💦

[ Her mother sold her out]

Episode 7

By Adebayo dolapo

💣 Tyler Byran 💣

I walked out of the shower with a towel tie around my waist…

I pick my body lotion and cream my body…

Gosh , I need to fuvk .

I muttered under my breath.

“Why don’t you fuvk her, beside you brought her with your money” my mind said…

She got a nice killer shape….

“Her backside only make my heart leaped immediately I saw it, I can’t wait to devour her”

That was the least of my thoughts, when a knock jolted me out of my thoughts.

I stood up sluggishly and open the door, I met her struggling to zip down her zipper…

I smirked evilly, and pulled her inside…

” Don’t touch me” I said cranky…

” Please can you help zip down my grown”, she said softly fiddling with her fingers”.

I hissed loudly at her.

“I hate shit” I whispered into her ears, and zip the grown down….

I was done , but she wanted to leave.

” Not to fast ” I said with a grin.

👔 Robert Clara 👔

“Mom why did you sold her to a rich , cute guy”.

I said boiling in anger

You should have told me, before you sold her out.

How could you?.

“I hate you mom..” I said angrily and smashed the glass of wine in my hand, on the tiles.

“Clara darling I did for our own good, You dad will give all the properties to you” since you’re his daughter, his remaining daughter.

My mom said.

” Clara don’t you want to become richer than your dad, Immediately is okay I will make sure he will all the properties to you Clara”
My mom said almost like a whispered.

” Clara dear, can you do me a favour ” she said in a cracked voice….

What , I said with an eye roll, she moved closer to me and hug me tightly, I turned to her and hug her , she unlock from the hug and muttered” please don’t let your father about this ” she said while I nodded like a lizard..

It okay momma, I said and hug her.

Beside she wants the best for me, I love you momma I thought in my heart..

I have to go now mom, I have an appointment with the guy whose friend brought Melissa.

👔 Dave Tiago 👔

” Oh my goodness” the b!tch moan out , as I Penetrate deeply inside the lady who said her name is Clara, Melissa sister….

” Ouch”. She breath out , as I continue drilling her hole…

G!sh, she moaned loudly with her eyes closed, her @$$ were flapping up and down….

My d**k reach the extent it has to reach.

I reach my climax and pull my d**k out, and spit it on the bed beside her, she was painting heavily….

” Do you want cash or transfer” I asked as we both lie naked on the bed.

” You don’t have to pay ” we both need it, she said softly and wear her clothes.

💦 Robert Melissa 💦

I stood in front of him like a statue , I was damn native with what his trying to say….

” I brought you , so I have the right to do anything with you” he said like an hungry 😏 🐕 dog….

“Now get on the bed, and remove your clothes”…

He said and went to face the window…

I couldn’t move an inch, just stood there wondering what wrong with him….

“I give you seven minutes to that Melissa”. ..

.He said and rub his hair.



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