SOLD TO A S£X FREAK – Episode 4



💥Sold to
A s*x Freak 💦

[ Her mother sold her out]

Episode 4

By Adebayo dolapo

📍 David Tiago 📍

” You can easily buy a wife for the contract, ” I said softly and Pat his back.

He look confused.

“You mean I should buy a wife, beside where are they selling wife”.

He asked with curiosity…..

” Come on Byran, leave that to me , I can handle that, you guys have to do a civil wedding right?”.

“Yeah, I think so he said with a shrug”.

“Okay dude, why don’t we go to club to cheer up”.

I said softly.
” Okay, he said and we both stood up with our car keys, and walked out to the parking lot”.

I hop inside my Bugatti Veyron and zoomed off after Bryan who was driving like a mad person.

We got to the club and walked together majestically.

“Oh my goodness they’re cute”.

Holly Molly Bryan blue eyes.*

G!sh, I wanna kiss you guys*

We love you guys*

They look hot*.

Those are what people were ranting, we ingnore them and walked inside.

Highly erotica, please ingnore if you’re not up to 18 yrs, even me I closed my eyes while typing 🚶🚶🚶.

💋 Tyler Byran 💋

” I ignore what the people were blabbing and walk inside”.

Some were f**king themselves, kissing and doing all such of romantic stuffs.

I and Dave took a sit , and gulped down the whole content in the glass, immediately two ladies walked closer to us seductively , and started roaming their hands on our chest.

” Dave took one , while I took the remaining one”.

” I need a blow job” I said grumpy.

The b!tch smile seductively, and unbuckle my trouser, she used her mouth to zipped down my trouser.

She giggle with the size of my d**k, as she brought out my rod from my trouser.

I look at Dave but he already walked out with the b!tch , leaving his phone on the table.

The b!tch eyes almost popped out of her socket, when her hands couldn’t hold it probably.

“Be fast b!tch or you want it in a hard way” I said in a harsh tone.

She rub it up and down slowly at first, she added more pressure this time, and rub it roughly, which makes my d**k stand like tent in her hand…

“Now suck it” I said cranky.

” She roll her tongue over my hard d**k, ”

I groan lightly…

I pushed my rod deeper into her throat, which makes her to choke on her breath..

She continues sucking faster, till I release my semens in her damn mouth,she lick it b!tchly , while I glare at her…

“Now get up, I said and shift her p@nt to one side, and entered her roughly”.


She groaned tiredly .

” I took to my race, and splash her @ss , and continue drilling her hole , her hole was wide open for me, which makes it comfortable for me to penetrate deeply “.

“Oh my gosh”.

“Harder,” she bemoaned in pleasure.

I continue f**king her till she couldn’t talk again…

I remove my d**k, and zip up my trouser, and sit down on the couch like a gentle guy.

gentle guy indeed .😂😂😂😂

“Get out b!tch “.

I said with a smirk.

She quickly rush out of my sight…

B!tch indeed.🚶🚶🚶🚶

I took some cigarettes on the table, and continue puffing it out which makes my whole system to Change….

Immediately Dave phone rang, I look at the caller MM.

Who’s MM.?

I asked nobody in particular.

“Hello , I said softly”.

Young man you mean you will be paying me monthly, if I can give Melissa to you

The caller said through the phone …

“Excuse me, Dave isn’t around” I said softly and cut the call.

What going on?🚶🚶🚶🚶.


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