SOLD TO A S£X FREAK – Episode 3



💥Sold to
A s*x Freak 💦

[Her mother sold her out]

Episode 3

By Adebayo dolapo.

Robert Clara💋

I smirked evilly as my mom walked towards me and Pat my back, we gonna make sure we send her out of this mansion, before my dad arrive from his business trip.

I thought with a grin on my face, we sat down on the couch, waiting eagerly for her.

40 min later.

She came out sweating profusely, I quickly stood up and attack her with a slap , my mom came out with a bowl of water, she poured it on her, which makes her to scream as we continue beating her..

I pulled her long hair, and pushed her out of the mansion.

“Now leave and never come back” mom yelled angrily at her, and closed the door..

💋 Robert Melissa 💋

I stood in front of the mansion, helplessly starring around , crying like a baby.

Why am I born ?

A Benz stopped in front of me, the person was staring at me, which scared the hell outta me.

I stood up, ready to run but he quickly muttered ” I mean no harm”.

I nodded waiting for him to get to my place..

Am dave Tiago ,he said proudly and walk majestically to me

The name sounds familiar but I couldn’t recall where I saw him or heard his name..

“What’s a sexy lady doing in this hot sun, he said with a smirk”.

“Sir I offended my mom, and she sent me out of the house”.

I said sadly…

” If you don’t mind you can come with me, just a night” he said with a smirk on his face.

” Sir , I will be so glad if you can help me talk to my mom”.

I said softly, with a baby face.

“It okay angel, let go inside” he said and I show him the way in .

“He gave my mom some bundles of money, and 🌊 wave at me before walking out”.

“Hey his h your boyfriend, Clara asked but I ingnore her and walked inside my room”.

👔 Tyler Byran 👔

I drove speedily to Dave Tiago house, I parked my Mercedes Benz at the parking lot, immediately he drove inside also.

I waited till he got to my place.

“Hey dude” I Pat his back and do a guylish style.

” Should I call some of our b!tch, Dave Tiago said”.

“Nope Dave” I said grumpy .

We continue talking till we get inside his mansion, it was cool and the fragrance was cool in the mansion.

“What wrong Tyler” he as suspecting their is something happening to me.

” I was given the contract, newtonb contact”.

Wow am happy for you dude, he said happily.

” But why aren’t you happy, it has been long since you want this contract”.

He said. ..

“Before they give the contract to me, I must be a married person”.

That’s the problem Dave Tiago, he said sadly.

” Come on that’s not a problem , you can easily get married now “.

He said.

“Nope , am not ready”.

“Why, he asked softly”.

“Tyler Byran this is a big contract, you must not lose it, forget about Julia and move on”.

” But am guilty for what I did to her, I don’t mean to push her, I don’t mean it”.I said sadly

” I know, I believe you” Dave Tiago said.

But my father doesn’t believe me, he disowned me…

I yelled angrily, sweating profusely.

” Then you buy a wife then, if you’re not ready to marry”.

Dave Tiago said, and I was wondering and confused …

Buy a wife…



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