SOLD TO A S£X FREAK – Episode 15



💥Sold To
S€X freak 💦
{Her mother sold her out}

Episode 15
A short episode.


Robert Clara 📀

” Oh my goodness , I jumped happily and rushed to my room, and pick my phone and dial his number”

📲 Hello ,I said happily through the, how have you been Dave, you couldn’t come to greet me.

📲 I said happily.

📲 Hmm, am sorry pretty lady, he said and I chuckled.

📲If you don’t mind, can I come over to your place…

📲 Ohh okay, I’ll be expecting you pretty lady , he said and I end the call…

” I quickly rush to my wardrobe, and pick a net grown,a off shoulder top, and heels of seven inches I quickly put it and pick my a bag which match my grown, I clutch it on my shoulder, and walked to small car ”

I hop inside and zoomed off speedily.


Minutes later, I parked my car at the parking lot, I hop down and and walked inside the mansion, I head straight to his room, I met him drinking wine.

I walk to him and kiss his cheeks, and kiss him ..

He stood up sluggishly, and deepening the kiss, I he pushed me slightly on the bed, and get rid of my grown, and get in between my legs.

He position himself into my legs, and rip off my p@nt , and br@.

Before I knew it , I was stark n@ked in front of him.

” He continues kissing me, kissing my jaw, my neck, my earlop”

Within the tinkle of an eye, he removed his trouser and boxer and bring out his r©d out .

” He entered me, unknown to me, his r©d was hard , which makes it hurt a little bit”.

I groan lightly, and he kiss and continue drilling and continue fingering me,which makes me to carve for more…

“Oh my goodness” I moan tiredly, I was becoming tired, but why?

I thought.

” Please stop” I muttered, trying to push him off me.

” Please get up” I yelled , but he was lost in the pressure, and continue moving in and out of me.

” Please, my baby” I said tiredly, and closed my eyes , and drift off”.

Dave Tiago 💣

” I stop instantly she mentioned something about baby”.

What is she talking about, what baby is she saying?

I asked myself for the up tenths time.

I stood up and went to the bathroom to freshen up.

” Am sure she has a lot to explain”.



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