SOLD TO A S£X FREAK – Episode 14



💥Sold To
A s£x freak 💦
[Her mother sold her out]

Episode 14

By Adebayo dolapo

Tyler Byran 👔
* You don’t have to call him, your dad Because he already disowned you*

I thought, And wave it aside.

“Dad , Mom I called and walked towards him, he was with my step mom”.

“How many times, have I told you am not your dad, I can’t be the father of a killer” he roared angrily, I couldn’t talk but just staring at him, I was boiling in anger.

  • I didn’t kill her intentionally, it was mistake* I yelled angrily at her.

“Son, it okay I belie you didn’t kill her, my step mom said, and hug me, and I cry on her chest.

We were sitting in the dinning room, Melissa was sitting beside, starring at me coldly.

I hiss at her while she muttered “sorry “, I ingnore her and continue watching my step mom as she serve the dishes.

” Melissa stand up , and help” I said grumpy.

” Hmm ma, can I join you?” She asked in a thin voice.

” The dish were served, it was fried rice, with meat sauce” ..

  • So Melissa , can you tell us more about yourself* my step mom asked softly with a smile on her face.*

” Yes ma’am, she replied politely .

She cleared her throat, and start…

” I was young when I lost my mom , so my dad wants to take care of me, but he couldn’t because of his work, so he decided to marry another woman , so she married my step mom, so things were difficult for me, because she makes me feel sad, and do all the house chores, she maltreat me, right now my dad is in the hospital bed struggling for his life, because of my step mom trouble”

That’s all about me ma’am.

She said and clean the tears gathering up in her face…

” Take care darling, my step mom said and help her with the tissue paper”.

“Do you mind explaining how you met the killer beside you” my dad asked with a grin on his face.

” Am not a killer father” I roared angrily and smashed the glass cup on the table…

“. Calm down Bryan” Melissa said, and touch me.

” Don’t touch me” I said gruffly and pick my phone and my car key going outside, to the parking lot, immediately she followed me, running after me, I hop inside the car and zoomed off speedily…

” I got home, and went straight to my room, trying hard not to cry, I went to my piano and start my favorite song”

🎻 Even when am sad , you’re there for me.

🎻 When I look in to the sky , I saw you.

🎻 You’re my heart , my soul, my everything, my life

🎻 I wish I could draw the hand of time back, I really miss you momma.

🎻 You stay with me

🎻 I hope i could feel you one day mother, I continue singing til I slept off.

📀 Robert Clara 📀

” Have been having symptoms of pregnancy, I quickly rush to my wardrobe, and put the test for pregnancy”.

I rush to the bathroom, and pee inside a bowl, I put the test tube inside.

It shows a line, a red one , and stopped.


I thought am pregnant, I said sadly

I wanted to pour it away, when the lines came up, making two reds.


That means…….



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