SOLD TO A S£X FREAK – Episode 10



Authoresses dolapo novel 2
💥 Sold To
A S€X freak 💦

[Her mother sold her out]

Episode 10

By Adebayo dolapo

✏️ Tyler Byran ✏️

I shot her a stare , and walk to my closet, and pick a round neck shirt and a pair of trouser…

I wear it, and pick my car key and my phone, and walked out.

She was starring at me like a log of wood, I hissed loudly ..

“Who the hell is she ” she was sold to me, I brought her with my money, so I can make her do anything I want…

Why do I care?.

She’s pretty though, my mind mock me. I must not admire anybody, I said sadly.

I love her , but she’s gone.

I killed her I thought sadly, as I continue crying profusely inside my car….

Am wicked, am an animal, selfish

I said loudly

I start my car and zoomed off speedily, I need cool my d**k.

📲 Hello James , get a new b!tch.

📲 Okay sir, he said.

Call ended.

I continue speeding, till I finally got to the hotel, I hop down and walk inside majestically, I walk inside the room, and met the b!tch lying on the bed , waiting eagerly for me…

Without any further explanation, I unbuckle my trouser, and bring out my c0ck out….

It was standing like a tent in my boxer.

“Like a full speed, I rushed to her and pin her down and remove her already wet p¶nt, and penetrate deeply inside her wet hole”.

“Hmm” she said in rhyme as I continue moving tho and fro inside her roughly.

I raise her legs up, And Penetrate roughly inside her, which makes her to groaned in pain and pleasure.

” Oh my gosh” you’re so good, she bemoaned in pleasure as I fasting my speed….

” Within a second, I feel myself close to come, I remove my c©ck and put it inside her damn mouth.”.

“She hold it firmly, and rub it faster, till it started growing big ,to bigger”.

” Yeeeeeee” I grunt as she continues doing justice to my whole system…

“She put it in her mouth, within a minute I released my semens in her mouth”…

She shallow the whole content…

“I wear my trouser, and muttered get your pay outside, I said and walked out like a gentle guy”.

I branch to a food restaurant, and brought some food.

” I drive speedily inside my mansion, I hop down and walk inside, she was done working, just lying on the couch”.

She sprang on her feet immediately she heard my footsteps….

” Hey take and arrange the dishes on the table, I said and gave her the polythene containing food, and drinks”.

🖊️ Robert Clara 🖊️

📲 “Hello I said through the phone, are you scorpion, I asked the person am talking to”.

“📲 Yeah, how may I help you, he said grumpy”.

📲 Well I got a job for you,,, I said through the phone.

📲 I want you to get me the details of the companies David Tiago is handling, and how is he, how he becomes rich, how I can get all those things as mine.
I said and smile.

📲 The scorpion of a guy said and smile, all that.

📲 Yeah.

📲 We gonna share it 70 / 30.

I said.

Okay, let me at a restaurant, I will send you the details…

👔 Robert Melissa 👔

” I quickly rush to collect the polythene he gave me, I rushed to the kitchen and get the plates and arrange the food, I carried it and walked out, I met him sitting in the dinning room”.

“Put it down” he said grumpy.

I gave his , and wanted to sit beside him, but his cold voice sent cold down my spine…

” Who are you to sit on the table beside me” he asked rudely.

” Am sorry” I said almost like a whispered m ..

” Sit on the floor”.

What the heck!!!!



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