SOLD TO A S£X FREAK – Episode 1


To A S*x Freak 💦

[Her mother sold her out]

By Adebayo dolapo.

Episode one.

📍 Robert Melissa 📍

“Bring my pink bag, Clara said angrily sitting on the couch in her room”.

I walked faster towards her wardrobe, and pick the pink bag, I walk closer to her but mistakenly March her legs.

“What the heck”??

She yelled angrily, and landed two slaps on my cheeks.

“Am sorry” I whispered, kneeling down in front of her , cleaning her legs with my grown, immediately my mom walked inside the room.

Clara stood up and ran to hug her, crying like a baby,” mom I told her to help me with my pink grown, but she beat me instead”.

She said, and my heart leaped immediately!!.

My mom walked towards and pull my long hair, and draw me towards her and continue beating me merciless, like am not her daughter.

She was walked out with Clara , leaving me inside the room.


Is she really my mom???

Clara has been a pain in my @ss since when we’re young.

She’s my sister, am older than her but she always treat me like a fool.

Am her slave.

She get the best things in life but I don’t, all what I get is maltreatment…

I cried out tiredly, as I struggle to stand up with the rags I called clothes.

I opened the bathroom door and walked inside, I turned on the shower, which cool down my head…

My head was rotating , pounding like a mad person.

But the water cool it down.

Am Robert Melissa , a 22 yrs old lady, pretty and sexy, with a killer shape, with a long gold hair.

That what I know about myself for now.

👔Tyler Byran 👔

I lay on the bed in the hotel Waiting eagerly for the b*tch.

Immediately someone knocked the door, “come in” I muttered waiting for the b*tch.

She catwalk towards me, gingerly, shaking her @ss, I stood up with a full speed, and remove her short gown, and her p@nt, I unbuckle my trouser and bring out my big rod, and entered her roughly.

“Ouch” the b*tch groan in pain and pleasure as the Penetration hurt like hell.

I remove it and entered her again, and continue going deeper than before, which makes her to scream out her lung.

“I put her legs on my shoulder and continue drilling her hole, I was sweating profusely, without ejaculating, I stay still inside her hole, rolling my rod up and down which makes her to be moan in ecstasy”.

“Oh my f*”king God, you’re the best” she said with her eyes closed, flapping her hip up and down.

I reached my climax, and pull outta her and put it in her mouth.

“Suck it ” I moan as she rub faster and harder.

I pushed my whole length inside her damn mouth, she was choking with the size of my d**k.

I push it further, till I released my semens in her mouth, and fell flatly on the bed …

$Get out now, I will send your pay” I said cranky .

She quickly pick her clothes and walked out, jamming the door harder.

“A message popped into my phone”.



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