SOLD TO A MAFIA S£X LORD … (18+) … Episode 6



🌺 Sold to
A Mafia $*x Lord 🌷

{He drill your p*$$y till you beg for mercy}

Episode six

By Adebayo dolapo

❣️ Xander Merritt ❣️

” I woke up due to the sound of my phone, I picked it and it my secretary”.

” Sir, your business partner are in the office waiting for you 😁, she said “.

” Huh, how on Earth do you want me to get to the office now?, I roared angrily at her on the phone”.

” My Lord, they didn’t inform us that they’re coming to the warehouse for the drugs”.

” Shit, I will be there shortly, I said gruffy and cut the call”.

” I hissed lightly and stood up sluggishly, I walked to my closet”.

Any guards out side my door.

I asked softly .

Yes sir, he replied.

“Go to Nadine room, and tell her I need her now with immediate effect”.

Ok my Lord, he said and rushed out probably going to her room.

” I said on the bed waiting for her arrival, shortly the door open and she walked inside with her head down, she was avoiding my eyes contact”.

🌷 Raymond Nadine 🌷

” The Ray of sun glinting on my window reflect on my face” .

Firstly, my vision was blur but I could tell I was starring at the window…

I yarned tiredly on the bed, and I recall the incident that happened yesterday, how I passed out when he was f**king me.

Such an arrogant jerk, I muttered under my breath.

I stood up sluggishly, but it was so hurt that I couldn’t stand up right.

My Vagina was hurting like hell.

Gosh, I hold the wall for support.

I was still thinking when a knock jolted me from my thoughts.

Huh, who could it be.

Hope is not my Lord…..

” Who is there” I asked softly trying hard not to cry.

” Hey come outside the Lord want you in his room with immediate effect”.

He rushed his words.

Gosh,,,,, am Doom.

” Can you come inside and help me, I asked softly starring at the blank door”.

The door open and he walked inside and roam his eyes around my body, though am already in my clothes….

Minutes later, I opened the door and walked inside fully in his room.

” A wow escape my damn mouth, it was cool and was painted in baby pink color with a large king size bed, the bedsheet was baby pink in colour”.

” Are you done , I heard his voice”.

I kneel down in front of him with my eyes glued down on the tiles..

” Nadine I give you five minutes to cook for me, before going to the office”.

” Make sure u bring it to my room, not less than five minutes”
He said coldly and walked out….


Somebody should help Nadine oo.

Five minutes.


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