SOLD TO A MAFIA S£X LORD … (18+) … Episode 17



🌺Sold to
A Mafia $x Lord 🌷
[He drill your p
$$y till you beg for mercy]

Episode two

By Adebayo dolapo

💘 Raymond Nadine ❣️

“I took my shower, and walked to my wardrobe, I pick a gold mini grown is kinda short but it cool, I wear it and it fits my body firmly, I moved to my heels side, and a sliver heels,7 inches heels it was too high and perfect.”

I was done 👗 dressing, I moved to the mirror to pack up my hair in a messy bun, and use a little power to rub my face, and use a little lipstick.

I look pretty like a princess,” a wow ” escape my damn mouth, because I look pretty and sexy.

I clutch my slagging bag, and walked out properly going to the sitting, I was walking through the stairs, and it makes my heels to make a loud sound, _____ Xander, he heard the sound of my heels and looked back, he was starring at me awkwardly, which made me uncomfortable.

I move closer to him, and play with the hem of my hair and muttered ” am ready “.

I look at him in his eyes waiting for him to talk, but he stood there starring at me like a log of woods.

” Let go” he said grumpy and smirked at me before walking out while I trail behind him.

We hoped inside the car, and I wanted to kneel, but he holds me back and stared deeply into my Face and muttered ” am deeply sorry Nadine”.

It alright master, you brought me with your money, I said with an eye roll.

He hurt me badly, am going to make sure he beg for mercy, before I can forgive him.

Finally, we got to the place, but it looks like a party was going,” Nadine you must stay in the place I asked you to stay with my bodyguards”. He said softly and slowly reach for my lip but I turned to the other side, I ingnore the kiss, we came outside and walked majestically like a married couple, who loves themselves.

“The place was so hot, with dim light, a lot of people were kissing, having a lot of fun”.

” Huh. So disgusting” I said and watch them.

We took a sit, yeah I sat down in front of Xander I took a 🍷 wine from the table and gulped it down.

” Drink a little Nadine, ” Xander said.

Ok, I said and smile lightly at him.

The party was going on, Xander already excuse himself going to Meet some people like him, I was left alone, It kinda boring to me.

I said and groaned tiredly…

” Not until the M.C came up the stage and use the mic, “.

“Hello” he said and people reply him with “hi”.

Let keep our selves busy, so let play a game.

If you heard you name, please just walked to the stage ok.

He said and smile lightly, showing his set of teeth.

” Natalie Meg, Tiana sova , Ruby Tuesday, Erica meq, and lastly the prettiest and sexy lady * Raymond Nadine”.

What, I heard a loud bang on my head, what the hell.

I stood up sluggishly and walked majestically with two bodyguards.

I got there, while the other ladies hissed at me.

” The highest bid will won a kiss and a romance from those sexy ladies” he through the mic.”

“20 dollars!!!!!”.
I heard on the other ladies.

“22 dollars!!!”.

They continue biding till it got to my turn…

” The guy that wanted to buy me instead of Xander was the first person to bid on me”.

“70 dollars”!!!!!!!!!

I heard and the place die down immediately.

“90 dollars” !!!!! Another man yelled.

“700” !!!!! dollars I heard Xander deep voice.

❣️ Xander Merritt ❣️

“Oh my f*cking God”!!!!
“Oh my goodness!!!!!

“Yeah, fuck me harder”!!!!!

“You’re the best oh guy”.!!!!




Please tear my pssy and entered me with your fll d**k .

She moaned loudly, when the deep penetration was making her to lose her sense of humor.

I f**k her in different types of sex style.

“Suddenly the door to the restroom bursted open and my bodyguard entered”.

” Sir, Nadine is in trouble”.

I heard in and my heart leaped immediately.

“What the hell” I said angrily and walked out .

” I walked to the party, I saw what they’re doing”.

“700 dollars”!!.!!!!

I said while Lucas Merritt smirked at me, you this son of a bitch.

I muttered and smirked .



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