SOLD TO A MAFIA S£X LORD … (18+) … Episode 15



🌺 Sold to
A Mafia sx Lord 🌷
{ He drill your p
$$y till you beg for mercy}

By Adebayo dolapo

❣️ Xander Merritt ❣️

” I walked to him with speed, and grabbed his neck forcely, and punch him roughly”

“Have you gone nut, huh you have the gut to touch her with your stinky hands, I pushed him to the nearest wall, and pick a knife from the sink and pierced it into her back and legs”.

I continue punching him badly till I got tired, by the time I was done he was bleeding profusely, blood was gushing out of his mouth and nose.
“Guards I called and the ran inside like a mad goat, take this animal in side the black room”.

I said grumpy and watch him as he continues bleeding and begging..

” I walked back to Nadine side, I touch her body but it was burning hot, what wrong with her???”.

Suddenly, she was acting strange and dizzy, but she back out instantly..

I carried her in bridal and walked inside my room, I opened the bathroom door and move under the shower, I removed her and mine and turned on the shower.

It sent chill down my throat.

I felt relax..

It felt cool…

I was done and walked inside the room, I carried her and put her on the bed, and use the blanket to cover her up, I continue starring at her pretty face…

Her sexy brown hair…

Her moan in my ears…

She’s just too sweet and sexy….

I hope you find it in your heart and forgive me..

I thought and smile lightly, and plonked myself on the bed beside her not without placing a kiss on her forehead 😉.

👙 Raymond Nadine ❣️

“The Ray of sun reflect on my face, and shine into my eyes, firstly my vision was blur but I could tell I was not in my room”.

I stood up and recap what happened yesterday, how I passed out, how I felt scared.

Can’t believe I passed out, gosh am Doom.

The door cracked open, and the Lord walked inside majestically.

Huh, am naked.

He was closer to me and touch my forehead, “are you okay” he asked softly as he continues starring at me, I felt shy.

“Am okay my Lord, I said but suddenly he grabbed my head softly and place his lip on my lip”.

I was shocked and confused, as he smooch my lip, our lips were fighting for dominance.

“Our lips were dancing, gosh I felt on top of the word, it was like I won a lottery”.

But suddenly I wrapped up my hands around his neck and deepening the kiss.


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