SOLD TO A MAFIA S£X LORD … (18+) … Episode 14



🌺Sold to
A Mafia $*x Lord 🌷
{He drill your pu$$y till you beg for mercy}

Episode fourteen

By Adebayo dolapo

💓 Raymond Nadine ❣️

“My heart leaped immediately “.

I heard a loud bang on my head “stay with me”.

I plonked myself on the bed beside him, he was putting his head on my chest as we laid down equally on the bed..

He so cute!!!!


Pink lip!!!!

Six pack!!!!!

Gosh,,,his just too perfect and good looking guy, I thought, but suddenly I felt the huge to stand up and leave him because he hurt me badly, and took my virginity forcefully…

“It was hurt like hell, I remember I had begged him to stop, how I to have mercy but he continues f*cking the hell outta my V”.

I thought slightly and a tear slide down my face, “Can I FORGIVE And FORGOT” what he did to me.

I don’t think I can forgive him, through he brought me with his money, but at least he should treat me like human being, not animal or slave…

Suddenly, he muttered “Am Sorry in his sleep and finally drift to dream Land”.

I stood up sluggishly and put his head on the bed, going to the kitchen to get a towel and water..

I got here and walked inside, “I saw something that grip my attention, he was eating in the middle of the night,” what am going to do or say.

Hmm, what are you doing there? I asked him softly, he looked confused and shock.

“Am eating Nadine, he said and smile coming towards me.”

“Mind having a night with me”.
He whispered softly into my 👂 ears.

“Lemme taste your p*$$y and your @sshole, “he said and send chill inside my body”.

Huh, what are you saying.

I asked foolishly…

Will you leave me alone now, I said cranky and try going out…

“Not too fast baby doll” he said and roam his eyes up and down on my body…

“Leg me go now, I said softly trying to beg him”.

He smirked and lick his lip…

“It won’t hurt, I will go easy on you and you will surely enjoy it and beg me for more and ask me to f**k you faster and harder”.

He said horsey…

“Gosh,,,, am not in the mood for that”, okay let me go now..

He carried me in a bridal style, while I continue beating his back with my small hands…

Let me !!!!

Leave me alone!!!!!

You’re not allowed to touch me !!!!!

Am a slave to your Lord, he already brought me!!!!!!!!!

Don’t do such thing!!!!!!!!!

I yelled from the bottom of my heart….

“He put me beside the sink, and kiss me”.

Let me go please, I whispered softly in the kiss.

As he continues doing justice to my lip.

“He unzipped my bra and put it in his mouth, it makes me feel good but I need to stop him”.

Please stop it….


Yes, yes!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!

Oh my God !!!!!!!!..

You’re so sweet, he moaned loudly in pressure…

Let me go, I struggle to say in between the kiss.

“He slip one finger inside my p*$$y, and pull it out and put in his mouth”.

So disgusting….

” He put it back, and and continue drawing circle in my V, a moan escape my damn mouth”.

Gosh,,am Doom .

“Please let me go”
I yelled.

“What did you think you’re doing to her” I heard a thick voice at the door.


💖 Xander Merritt ❣️

” I felt her leave the bed , probably going to the kitchen, I continue waiting for her”.

What is she doing ? I asked myself already pissed off, I stood up sluggishly going to the kitchen.

When I heard her screaming and yelling.

” Let me go now”.

Huh, what wrong with her.

I was scared to the bone marrow, and I ran like e mad goat inside the kitchen..

The sight I saw me wanna puke.

“What did you think you’re doing to her”.

I asked cranky.

I could see he was shocked…

Huh, talk I said and continue moving to closer to me with anger.


How much is a coffin in yah place.


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