SOLD TO A MAFIA S£X LORD … (18+) … Episode 11



🌺Sold to
A Mafia $*x Lord 🌷

[He drill your pu$$y till you beg for mercy]
Episode eleven

By Adebayo dolapo

It’s rated guys 🔞🔞🔞🔞

💞 Raymond Nadine💞

I wore the same clothes, and pack up my hair in a ponytail.

I adjust my clothe a little bit, because my Lord might get horny, I walked out of my room going to the sitting room, I met already sitting on the couch with a remote with him.

Sir am ready…

He glare at me and hissed slightly, making me to feel bitter and drain, he stood up and muttered “let go ” I trail behind him like a baby…

The Mercedes Benz, was already opened for us by his guards, we hoped inside, but suddenly he glanced at me like he was expecting something from me.

Don’t let me tell you everything he said cranky.

” Now kneel” he said in a commanding tone.

I kneel in front of him, while he puts his legs on my back, making me to groaned in pain…

Minutes later, the car pulled over in front of a large, classic building name ” Global beauty”.

” We came down, and walked inside with his guards, a lot of people were starring at us which makes me wonder why”.

“Oh my gosh!!!!” He so cute

Oh goodness!!!!!

That was all I heard from them, my Lord was walking majestically like a Demi God, we walked inside and im mediately some ladies ran to meet us.

” You’re welcome my Lord,” they chorused while I stood there starring like a log of woods.

“Take her, she needs a s*xy clothes and heels, a lot of things needed by ladies”.

He said softly and my heart skip immediately…

So he will take care of me, I thought and follow the ladies but they were starring at me in a awkwardly way.

👙 Xander Merritt ❣️

” I watched her back figure, as she walked out of my sight, she got a s*xy @ss”.

I wanna f*ck her now..

I thought and walked after her going to meet her, I walked inside and met them ___ can you leave the two of us.

I said and they walked out of the room…

” Get on the stood”.
I said gruffly.

I removed her grown, and rubbed her V through her p@nt.

“Hmm, she moaned softly”.

I rubbed it faster and harder.

“Arrrr, she groaned in pressure as I finger f*ck her, I removed her p@nt and bend over to her V area”.

I rolled my tongue up and down.

“Oh my goodness”!!!!!!!.
She moaned in pressure as I continue licking her V area.

She taste sweet…

“Faster, my Lord “.

She moaned….

“I’m mediately she release inside my mouth while I chewed it softly”.

I muttered and clean up..


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