SOLD TO A GANG LEADER … (18+) – Episode 95

sold to a gang



Episode 55
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D writes
(He is back)

Writer’s POV
“Do you like him?” He asked her.

Shawna stared at him for a while before replying.

“He is friendly, but the only man I think of when I have the chance to is you. The only thing I ask of is why did he leave me? Did I annoy him? What did I really do?”

“My mind always flashes back to the last day, the day you drove me back to the mansion from the penthouse. I always think of that day particularly. I try to remember what I did wrong that day but couldn’t remember. You are the only man occupying my mind, but sadly….” she took her eyes down and continued.

“….I don’t even know if that man ever loved me because he has never said so, I’ve never heard him look me in the eyes and say it” she took her eyes back up.

“Have you ever felt something for me before?” She asked.

Dillon continued staring at her, his mouth sealed as if there was a glue used on it.

“Have you?” She asked again.

“I need some time alone” was the only reply that Dillon gave her before leaving.

Shawna sighed sadly, she looked at the time on the wall clock. She decided to lie down and wait for him to return whenever he feels like but unfortunately he didn’t return till the following morning.

A tiny hand pulled her own hand, she slid her eyes open.

“Someone is at the door mom, why aren’t you waking up?” Lewis hands kept roaming her body still she sat up on the bed.

“Ouch, is it morning already?” She wondered.

“Where is your nanny?” She asked Lewis.

“In the kitchen” lewis reply came.

“Has she prepared you for school?” Shawna asked again.

“Yes, as you can see, but, where is dad? I want him to be the one taking me to school. I want him to take me to school” lewis said climbing the bed.

He removed her hand from her head to stare into her face.

“Where is he?” He asked peering into her eyes.

“I don’t know. He left last night” Shawna answered getting down from the bed with lewis in her arms.

“Just allow your nanny take you to school today” she said to him as she dropped him in the dinning area.

“Morning Venessa” she greeted lewis nanny.

“Oh morning miss, how are you doing? Hope you aren’t sick?” The woman asked.

“No ma’am, I’m good. Who is at the door please?” Shawna asked.

“Oh, it’s a young man. He is obviously here for you” replied Venessa.

“Ok thanks” she thanked then went inside. She washed her face, dried it then left to open the door. She opened the door to see Daniel.

Of course, he had told her he’ll be coming today.

She closed the door behind her and took two steps out to talk to him.

“Hi Daniel” she greeted the already smiling daniel.

“Hi beauty, you look beautiful even in the morning” Daniel said.

Shawna laughed.

“Thanks” A pause stepped in.

“So….Daniel, there is actually an important thing I need to discuss with you” Shawna started.

“Go on, that’s why I’m here remember” Daniel said.

“Ok..we were supposed to hang out yesterday, as in go on a date but you got hooked up.”

“I..I’m sorry to say this but I don’t think it can work because….Lewis dad, he’s back, I’m really sorry.”

Daniel’s face fell at the unexpected news. Shawna kept apologizing until he left feeling so heart broken and disappointed.

Shawna stood outside for a long time staring at Daniel’s faded shadow. She opened the door and made to go in but saw Dillon coming back.

She paused, she closed back the door to face him.

“Morning” she greeted folding her arms.

Dillon didn’t reply her greetings. He just decided to go straight to the point.

“Ok listen Shawna. It’s really hard for me, it’s been so hard for me to express my feelings to someone. I can’t do it, I don’t know how to express verbally. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love you, well..things didn’t start well but along the line I started developing feelings for you but I wasn’t still sure of myself.”

“I tried holding myself back too, I tried convincing myself that I don’t love you but the pleasure I derive from you, well now that everything is over. I understand if you’ve moved on too but can I just stay around? At least be around my son” he asked.

“You truly suck at confession. If I were to hear this from someone else, I’d laugh at the person and then push him away but…I just ended every relationships that was about to develop between daniel and I. I still love you, stupid me. I still can’t forget you maybe because you are my first.”

“I’ll be your first and last then, agreed?” Dillon asked taking her hands into his.

“Hm…that depends on how you treat me from now on. Where did you go to? I waited for you last night” Shawna asked.

“Well…I was around” Dillon replied pulling her closer to himself.

“Where is lewiston?” He asked his mouth around her neck area.

“Well, he is with….” Shawna stopped talking because of the way Dillon kissed her on the neck.

“With his nanny” she completed.

Dillon kept kissing and licking her neck to her chest. He pinched her nipples slightly through the soft fibric.

“Tell me” he hushed into her ears.

“Have you had s*x with another man? I won’t be angry tho, you are also a human” he hushed.

“Why don’t you find out by yourself later,huh!?” Shawna replied releasing hot breathes into the air.

“Mom?” The door opened. Shawna pushed Dillon away from her.

“Dad! You are here? Finally, you are the one taking me to school” Lewiston hollered and ran to Dillon’s side.

Dillon carried him from the floor. He kissed his cheek and his forehead.

“Your wish is my command my prince. So, where is this your school located?” Dillon asked.

Lewiston only laughed out in reply because Dillon tickled him.

“Come on, you’ll be late. Play on your way to school” Shawna pushed the both of them.

She turned to the nanny beside her, she collected Bryan’s bag and lunchbox then she handed them to Dillon.

“Go on now” she pushed Dillon.

“Tell your son not to misbehave in school today, I’ll spank his ass if he misbehaves” Shawna said to Dillon who continued playing with lewis as he left.

“Is that lewiston father?” Venessa asked.

“Yes, he is” replied Shawna.

“Woah! Now I know where little lewiston got his good looks from, he resemblance his father a lot” Venessa said.

Shawna smiled. She placed her hand on Venessa shoulder.

“Thanks for saying that, I have to go take my bath now” Shawna said running into the house.


Dilly’s phone rang, he picked it up.

“Dad!” He heard from the other end.

“Bryan, have you gotten to paris?” Dilly asked.

“Yes, just got down from the plane” Bryan replied.

“What of your bodyguard? Is he there with you?” Dilly asked pacing about in the room. Suzan kept staring at him as he worried himself while talking to Bryan.

“Yeah, he is right behind me. Thanks for allowing me dad, I appreciate.”

The line went off.


Bryan turned to look at the personal guard behind him.

He looked at the phone number Dilly told him was Dillon’s number, the one he is to call.

But he have got different ideas on his head.

He truly wants to know if Dillon will come running to him once he is in trouble.

He looked around the busy airport then he purposely bumped into a lady, her bag fell and he started apologizing.

“You…! Pay for the damages now” the lady shrieked.

The guard started bringing out money from his wallet to pay the lady.

Seeing that his guard was distracted. He followed a route and missed himself with the crowd.

Then he sighted a cop moving around with his pistol.

Next plan.

He ran to the cop and because the cop was an average height, he stood almost the cop’s height.

A closer look at Bryan showed that he was still a kid but looking at him from afar with the way he is dressed, you’ll think he is one of this popular dancers or musician.

“Hi sir, do you know me?” Bryan asked.

The cop frowned.

“I don’t know you kid” the cop replied.

“Well, now you’ll know me” Bryan said then tapped the cop on his head very hard. He took to his heels.



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