SOLD TO A GANG LEADER … (18+) – Episode 94



Episode 54
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D writes
(Do you like him?)

Writer’s POV
“I..I didn’t even imagine that I’ll be seeing you today. I lost all hopes” Shawna cooed lifting her head from Dillon’s.

She stood up. Dillon stood up with her.

“I think I’m done with work for today” Shawna smiled.

“Really? So where are you going to? Huh!” Dillon smirked.

“I’m gonna stay with you, together with lewis. I want you two to get to know each other more” Shawna replied.

“Wait for me here, I’m coming” Shawna said then left the office.

Dillon kept looking around the office.

“The manager huh!? Good position but you’ll be changing your working place” Dillon said to no one in particular.

Soon, the door opened and Shawna popped her head in.

“Let’s go” she stretched her hand out to him with beautiful smiles on her face.

He took it.

They both went up to the penthouse, Shawna opened the door. She called out to lewis immediately.

Lewis and his friend came running to the door.

Shawna picked lewis up from the floor, she embraced and kissed him.

“Hi Bobby” she patted his friend’s hair.

“Bobby…do you mind giving me some hours with lewis please?” She smiled at the boy.

“Of course. Bye Lewi” the Bobby boy waved at Lewis then ran out.

“Mom” lewis said rubbing his face on Shawna’s chest.

“I was playing a game with him. You asked him out, I’m sad” lewis said not noticing Dillon because he has been too focused on Shawna.

Dillon on his own just stood watching how close the two were, the sight he saw was a happy one.

He couldn’t help but smile.

“Lewis, I heard you’ve met him” Shawna said trying to make lewis see Dillon.

“Who?” He finally lifted his head from Shawna’s chest to see Dillon.

“This guy?” He pointed at Dillon. Dillon chuckled.

“He is not just this guy, lewiston. He is your father” Shawna introduced.

“Woah! Really? Bobby has a good eye I guess. Hi buddy” Lewis stuck out his hand for a handshake.

Shawna felt embarrassed at what Lewis did but Dillon couldn’t help but laugh.

“Oh goodness! Is that how he is? It’s cute, give em to me” Dillon said then took Lewis from her.

Shawna couldn’t hide her embarrassment. She has always taught lewis to be respectful but he’s always this kind of boy even at his age. He could literally pick up fights with kids that are way older than he is, kids that could beat him.

He didn’t even go to school because he was expelled for placing a gum on his classmates sit. The boy sat on his chair and when he made to stand up, he couldn’t stand, when the teacher helped in pulling the boy up, he chair being light weighted followed the boy up.

The boy had bursted out crying in school thinking that he’ll live the rest of his life with the chair stuck to his butt.

Lewiston had laughed really hard at the boy’s state. The school authority found out lewis was the one responsible and he got expelled for two days.

He is just so stubborn, stubbornly smart.

Shawna sighed walking in fully to the sitting room.

“Woah, your hair is so long. I love it, it gives you that bad guy look” Lewis said touching Dillon’s hair.

“Really? I was thinking of cutting it but since you love it, I’ll leave it” Dillon smiled at him.

“Yooo!! Another thing is, I’m gonna show you to all my classmate tomorrow. I have finally got a daddy!” Lewis hollered.

Dillon laughed again, taking him to go sit down.

“But where were you all these while? Why are you just coming now? Where you working all these while?” Lewis asked at once.

“Um..yeah, I was working. But now I’m back for you kid” Dillon answered sitting him down on his laps.

“And you’re really handsome too dad. I think I got my looks from you, I’m so cute” Lewis said proudly.

Dillon laughed hard again.

“Goodness, who taught you all these at this age? Your mom did?” Dillon asked.

“No, I learnt it myself. I’m happy you’re finally here. Mom always assured me you’ll com” Lewis said burying his head on Dillon’s chest.

Dillon hugged him back.

Shawna stood by a corner watching lewis and Dillon. She felt glad that at least Lewis loved Dillon.

That boy is really picky on who to play with. He likes a few and dislike a whole lot.

At night

“Cough…” Dillon coughed slightly walking into the room, Shawna was arranging the bed.

“Is he asleep?” Shawna turned to him then asked.

“Yeah, he finally fell asleep. He is so energetic, it was difficult putting him to sleep” Dillon answered standing behind Shawna.

“Maybe because you’re the one with him, he is not so hard. He falls asleep easily with me tho” Shawna replied putting back the pillow.

“Really?” Dillon asked moving closer to her.

The manner in which he spoke sounded so erotic to the ear. Shawna had to turn and look at him.

A grin was plastered on his face.

“What?” Shawna couldn’t help but ask.

“Have you visited the mansion?” She asked turning back to the bed, as if trying to avoid what she thinks is on Dillon’s mind.

“Have you?” She asked again but didn’t get a reply.

She turned to see Dillon standing dangerously close to her.

Dillon held her by the waist then pulled her much more closer that their bodies touched.

Shawna gasped.

“What are you….”

“You know I’ve really missed you” Dillon cooed. His hot breathe felt on Shawna’s neck.

“Stop. I don’t understand you” she said trying to pull away from him but he only ended up making her fall to the bed with him on top of her.


Shawna was shut up by a warm kiss.

The kiss lasted for some minutes before she pulled away from the kiss.

“Stop, look I’m not ready. I’m not ready for all these” she wanted to scream at him but her voice only came out as a whisper.

“Really?” Dillon asked his tongue sliding down her neck to her chest. She started feeling tingling feelings between her legs but she was still determined to push him away.

She still needed to punish him for going into a coma and leaving her all alone. She knows she can’t punish him in many ways but she can definitely punish him in this way.

“I said I’m not ready. I…I have someone….”

She hasn’t even finished spilling those words when Dillon suddenly jerked away from her as if she was some kind of unwanted spirit.

“What..? What did you just say?” He asked taking steps away from her.

Shawna sat up, she adjusted her night gown.

“You think I’ll just sit around and continue waiting. I already have someone else, I’m free to have, aren’t I?” Shawna replied.

“You do?” Dillon asked feeling really hurt.

‘Yes, I have and he’s name is Daniel. Tomorrow morning you’ll see him here” Shawna replied, her gaze holding his.

And truly there is a guy named Daniel really likes her. He has been around her for a year now and she already thought on accepting him.

Dillon let out a sigh.

“Do you like him?” He asked her.



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