SOLD TO A GANG LEADER … (18+) – Episode 93



Episode 53
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D writes
(Do you forgive me?)

Writer’s POV

“Bryan what is it? You have been acting off lately” Dilly asked walking into Bryan’s room.

Bryan turned away from him, trying to avoid his gaze.

“Come on, I don’t like this you. Please say something” Dilly cooed sitting beside him on the bed. He stared into his face.

“Hm..say something” he pleaded.

Bryan sighed.

“He doesn’t like me. Look, he avoided me till he left. I feel like like an unwanted and rejected child, like am a mistake” Bryan finally said.

“No! That’s not the case here, Bryan” Dilly hushed.

“Then what is it? What is the case cause I don’t understand either” Bryan snapped.

Dilly sighed.

“Um…it’s not like he wants to avoid you on purpose. Yes, he did avoid you but he did it for me. He doesn’t want me to feel kinda weird because he knows I really really love you, he just doesn’t wanna take you away from me, that’s why he acted that way but trust me. Once he hears that you’re in trouble or something, he’ll come running. He is a jerk most times” he acts like he doesn’t care.

“Just get used to his attitude and you’ll be fine, but he cares and you aren’t rejected.”

Bryan nodded after Dilly’s explanation.

“I hope so, when is he gonna be back?” Bryan asked.

“I don’t know. But if you really wanna get to know him more then I’ll send you to him, you wanna go to him?” Dilly asked.

Bryan sighed.

“I don’t even know. I’ll think about it” Bryan cooed.

“Alright get up. It’s time for school” Dilly said pulling him up.


“Mr johnson please leave my office, I’m gonna call the securities on you” Dillon on getting close to the manager’s office as directed heard. The voice sounded so familiar.

Even in hundred years to come he’ll always remember the voice and it’s owner.

Dillon hastened his steps and got to the door, he kicked the door open to see Mr Johnson – the one he bought weaponry machines from flirting with Shawna.

The sight of what he was trying to do annoyed him a lot, before the two of them could turn to look his way. He grabbed Mr Johnson and kicked him out from the office.

“Don’t you ever show up here again” he groaned at him before shutting the door close on the shocked johnson.

Shawna became relieved that she was now free from johnson but at a closer look at the man that helped her out of her dilemma. Her jaws dropped open in shock.

She was about sitting but couldn’t sit anymore.

She kept staring at him as if she was seeing some ghost.

“Is he always disturbing you?” Dillon asked.

Shawna didn’t reply but kept staring at him.

“Shawna” he called softly.

“Um..yes, thanks for helping me out. What can I do for you?” She finally pulled out of her trance in recognition.

She then took her sit.

“What can you do for me?” Dillon repeated her question.

“Yes sir, I suppose you’re here for something. So open up, weren’t you treated well? Don’t you like the room you got louged in?” Shawna asked sounding so formal.

Dillon chuckled.

He took out a sit and then sat.

“Yeah, I wasn’t treated properly. I need a change of room” he said.

“Ok, I’ll call my assistant to come help you with another room” Shawna replied then picked up the telephone there. She imputed some digits and then dialed the call, it started ringing.

The call got picked and before shawna could say a word into the phone. Dillon snatched the phone from her.

“I will need you to assist me with another room yourself” Dillon stated staring into her face.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that for you sir”, Shawna replied staring back at him.

They stared at each other for some times before shawna finally pulled her face away. She could no longer keep up with the act.

She stood up from her sit and then walked to the door. She opened it, she made to leave but Dillon stopped her.

“Shaw, I’m sorry” Dillon apologize in a low voice.

“Sorry? Sorry for what exactly? I don’t get you mister” she she half yelled feeling really hurt.

Dillon stood up and then stood facing her.

“It’s not what you think” Dillon said.

“Then what was it?” She folded her arms together glaring at him.

“I didn’t mean to only show up now. Trust me I…”

“You can leave now, I have a lot of work to do if that will be all mister” Shawna cut him off. It pissed Dillon off that she was acting that way but he decided to keep cool because it was mostly his fault that things went this way.

He exhaled in and out. And then slowly reached for her hands.

“I met our son. I didn’t even know about him until a few weeks ago” Dillon said.

Shawna freed her hands from him and then went to sit down.

“Oh really?” She mouthed.

“I didn’t know you met my son?” She emphasized on the word ‘my’

“Are you that mad at me? I’ve apologized, haven’t I?” Dillon wanted to snap at her but restricted himself.

“I don’t need your apology. You left, you suddenly left and you suddenly appeared, it’s almost five years now. Who does that? Who on Earth does that?” Shawna screamed at him.

‘That’s why I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to, I didn’t kn…”

“You didn’t mean to? You didn’t know? No! You knew, I remember your last words. You knew you were gonna leave and that’s the reason you acted that way. You don’t have the slightest idea of what I went through thinking that I won’t see you again. I thought you were just kidding around at some point but when my pregnancy got to nine months and you still didn’t show up. I gave up on every hope, I wanted to die with Lewiston but ma’am Sandra didn’t let me. I told her I couldn’t be able to move on and honestly I didn’t believe I could but luckily I finally moved on. I’ll really appreciate it if you just go on and leave me, disappear like you always do” Shawna said painfully.

Dillon sighed.

“I don’t even know what to really say to you to make you feel better but I didn’t come back because I just felt like, I only showed up now because I was in a coma for those years. Trust me Shawna, I couldn’t just leave you without a final goodbye…I…I can’t make up for those years too but please don’t being mad at me, just find a way to forgive me” Dillon replied her.

“You have been in a coma? How is that? Why wasn’t I informed then?” Shawna asked.

“They wanted to keep it a secret. They didn’t want the media to carry it. I’m sorry” Dillon replied then moved towards her.

“Will you forgive me?” Dillon asked.

“Why did you go into a coma? You had a fight or something?” Shawna asked instead.

Dillon sighed, he took her hands into his again.

“You’ve changed” he only muttered.

“Yes. I’m now a mother, a lot of things changed” Shawna replied.

“Yeah, I did get into a fight but that’s all in the past now. Let’s talk about us. Do you forgive me?” He asked again.

“I have no option. I forgive you only because you were in a coma. I should have done some investigation or something” Shawna cooed.

Dillon smiled.

He took his hand to her face and then cupped it.

“You look more beautiful than before, more matured” Dillon said.

“Of course, I’m now a mother” replied Shawna.

Dillon joined his forehead to hers and then said.

“I missed you real bad.”



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