SOLD TO A GANG LEADER … (18+) – Episode 92



Episode 52
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D writes

Writer’s POV
“What son? I don’t understand” Dillon said into the phone again, his eyes running from Dilly to Andrew.

“You’ll find out once you get here child. Be quick about it” came ma’am Sandra’s reply.

The line went off before Dillon could ask any other question.

He dropped the telephone and tried standing up but his body refused.

“Fu*k!” He groaned resting his back on the wall again.

“What son is she talking about?” Dillon asked staring at Dilly.

“Well, I think that girl, what’s her name again?” Andrew tried responding.

“Shawna” Dillon gave the answer.

“I heard you freed her, I think she got pregnant for you.”

“Yeah” Dilly replied, then added “when you’re better, you should find out yourself”.

“Bryan, take your sister to her room. Go play with her there” Dilly said to Bryan.

“Ok, come here Ellie” Bryan said gently taking Ellie – Dilly’s baby girl. Then he left with her.

Dilly went and then sat down beside Dillon on the bed afterwards.

“Dillon, I’ve been waiting for years now to tell you this” Dilly started.

“Um…Bryan, is not actually my own son but yours” Dilly said.

“Now I have two grown up sons. Wow! That’s really shocking” Dillon said sarcastically.

Dilly ignored him then continued.

“I found out that I’m not the one who actually impregnated his mother but…I have the same DNA with him. Well, after all the investigation. It all resulted that you are actually his real father, my DNA with him came out 98% while yours came out 99%. I don’t really understand how all this misunderstanding came on, but have you known any lady by the name Rita?” Dilly explained.

“No, I don’t know any bit*h by that name and I aren’t the father of that boy. Since your DNA matches with him then his your son” Dillon argued.

“Fu*k! Do you think I’m happy that I’m not his real father or what? You have to remember that Rita. You have to remember if you had anything with her at some point” Dilly half yelled.

“Hey, you don’t yell at me ok? I don’t know any bitch by the name Rita” Dillon groaned.

“And I aren’t the father of that boy too.”

“Ok, Rita actually said she doesn’t know his real father either, further questioning. I got to know that she actually met the supposed guy she got pregnant for at Dullex bar, does that name ring a bell now. You often go there years ago” Dilly replied him.

“Well….I don’t know and if all these were to be true then I’m afraid I can’t accept him. Nigga is your son, he remains yours” Dillon stated.

“It doesn’t work that way Dillon. It doesn’t” Dilly insisted.

“Look Dilly, I don’t want him okay? He’s your son and will also remain yours. Don’t ever tell him any shit about what the f**k*ng results says.”

“I bet he doesn’t even like me as much as he loves you. Just forget about the results. Your DNA matches with him and that’s all that matters” Dillion replied him.

“I can’t seems to get my mind off it Dillon, no matter what, I can’t help but imagine what will happen when Bryan eventually finds out that….even tho our DNA matches that I’m still not his real father” Dilly responded his tone going cold.

“What?? What did you just say dad? You’re not my father?” Bryan who was secretly listening to their conversation couldn’t help but speak up.

Andrew and suzan who has been there the whole time turned towards the door to see Bryan there.

Dilly looked at him as well. He stood up on his feet slowly.

“Bryan, is not what you think ok?” Dilly tried denying.

“But that’s what you just said. You said our DNA matches but I’m still not your son. Then that eventually means that…you are not my father” Bryan said getting teary.

“Oh gosh! Bryan please, let me explain it to you” Dilly pleaded walking towards him.

“I wanna be alone for now, Dad. And don’t look for me” Bryan sniffed in then ran out through the door.

Dillon shrugged his shoulder.

‘You shouldn’t have even said anything about it. It still won’t change a thing. He’s yours and I’ll appreciate if you all will leave right now” Dillon cooed slowly lying down.

Three weeks passed and Dillon was back on his feet.

He was so curious about Shawna and his mystery son.

He was dying to see them so he took his training seriously and now he is back on his feet.

He took their family’s personal private jet back to paris.

He phoned ma’am Sandra on getting to paris. Ma’am sandra informed him that Shawna and his supposed son were both staying in his formal penthouse.

Before Dillon left for his revenge, he willed a lot of money to Shawna. He gave all his shares at the hotel to her too so he isn’t so shocked to learn that Shawna was actually staying at that penthouse.

He took off to the penthouse at once. Immediately he got to the penthouse he unlocked the door with his card and the card surprisedly opened the door.

There were no guards standing around the door whatsoever and everything seems to have changed.

He pushed the door opened and then got in.

“Mom, is that you?” He heard a tiny boyish voice ask from the inner room.

He started going tracing the voice slowly.

“Mom” he heard again but didn’t bother responding.

He got to the place to see two boys of different age sited on the floor playing toy game.

“Who are you mister?” The bigger boy there ask.

Dillon took a close look at him to see that the boy has no resemblance to either he or Shawna. He turned to the other boy to see a lot of resemblance.

This must be him.

“Why are you staring at me mister? Did you lost your way or something?” The boy who’s voice he had heard from the door and who also looked a lot like him asked.

“No,I didn’t lost my way, kid. I’m in the right place” Dillon answered.

“Look, my mom isn’t interested in men ok? That’s what she always tells all the men that comes to her. So mister, if you’re here to try your luck on her then I’m afraid you’re just wasting your time” the boy said sounding really rude and proud.

His attitude only made Dillon smile.

“Don’t worry, I aren’t here to try my luck on your mom. She’s already mine” Dillon replied with the same proud look the boy has on.

The boy smirked then looked at the second boy.

“What’s your name?” Dillon finally ask.

“Lewiston” the boy shrugged his tiny shoulders then answered.

“Hm…nice name. Where is your mom?” He asked.

“She? She’s a manager here, go check her out in her office” Lewis replied.

Dillon smiled.


“I’ll be right back kiddo, continue your game” Dillon said walking back.

He got to the door to hear the other boy ask.

“You look a lot like him, Lewiston. Is he your father?”

He heard Lewiston’s reply.

“I don’t know. But it’ll be interesting to know. Let’s continue.”

Dillon left the penthouse with a smile on his face. Nervousness started kicking into him at the thought that he is gonna be seeing Shawna again.

What is gonna be her reaction? Who knows?



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