SOLD TO A GANG LEADER … (18+) … Episode 75



Episode 35
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by: Blessing D writes
(Moving on)

Writer’s POV
So many days passed, Luwis got buried. Everything started returning back to normal but the pain still remained in their heart.

Dillion often regretted his actions. He regretted the fact that he couldn’t control his angers and was too fast to shot Luwis.

After learning about the full details of how Luwis died, Sam couldn’t help but also get angry at Luwis for purposely setting up his own death.

For purposely leaving him even after all the plans they made. Dillion asked Sam to stay in the room he uses at the mansion in other not to misbehave outside out of grief – he obeyed and stayed.

And Naomi was currently on her way back to Paris. She had also heard about Luwis death, she was not only close to Sam when they were still very young. She, sam and Luwis were best friends then until she started drifting away from them.

Luwis also avoided her because of her sudden change in attitude. It was only Sam that continued disturbing her.

She felt bad that she wasn’t totally on luwis good side, she never expected him to die. She also worried about Sam. How is he coping? She wondered.

She had also wanted to come down to paris with Bryan but Dilly didn’t hear of it so she just left without Bryan.

Another person who was also coming down to paris is Andrew. He has missed paris a lot, just wanted to use the break to wander around and also see Dillion.

Aside from them, Valentina and her twin has also arrived their father’s house and will soon be visiting Dillion at the mansion.

Well Dillion hasn’t been himself. Drowning himself with vertigo affected him a lot.

Sometimes he starts feeling that things around him are rotating, when it starts it lasts up to an hour and Matthew had formally warned him never to take vertigo again but seems he forgot that and took it again. Matthew told him that he might stop feeling like that after a month passes. He has also moved back to the mansion.

After luwis burial, he couldn’t continue living outside the mansion. He wants to be around Shawna incase she tries behaving stupidly like he behaved.

Shawna has also been inside her room, rarely comes out but today…Dillion had proposed to take her out even for a walk because ma’am Sandra always complained about her staying locked up in her room.

Shawna felt happy tho it didn’t make the sad feeling inside her to wash away. She changed into a white tank top and a pair black trouser before checking herself out in the mirror.

She opened the door then came out to see the corridor looking deserted. She walked to Dillion’s door and knocked softly on it.

“Come in” she heard him say.

She opened the door slightly then popped her head inside to see Dillion backing her.

She took one leg in then he turned to look at her.

She folded her lips out of shyness then fixed her eyes on the floor.

Dillion who was holding a stick of cigarette dropped the cigarette on the table then walked up to her.

“Hey” he cooed.

She raised her eyes up to stare at him but was quick to take it back to the floor.

“Is it time yet?” He asked calmly. She nodded.

“Okay, you first” he beckoned on her.

Shawna looked at him wondering if he’ll go out wearing just a singlet without an additional top. Tho the trouser he was putting on was okay.

Dillion ignored her looks and followed her out.

They both got down to the garage and that was when Dillion remembered car keys.

He isn’t just going for any walk with her, he is going to also relieve his stress.

“Hey, come here” he called out to a guard by the gate.

The guard rushed to him.

“Go into my room and get one of the car keys there” he said to the guard.

“Sir…I have never gone into your room before, I don’t….”

“I’ll go” Shawna interrupted the guard.

“I’ll get one” Shawna offered looking at Dillion. He nodded.

She turned then left, went up straight to his room. Opened the door and walked to the place she saw him standing, she saw the lit cigarette he had dropped, he had dropped it beside a picture and a white paper. She doesn’t know why her mind told her to read through it, she did.

A grant of freedom was written in bold letters there then also she saw her name.

She dropped the paper, she saw different car keys there by a side, she picked one then left his room.

Freedom? Why is my name on that paper? She wondered as she walked down.

She got to him then handed the key to him.

He used the key to locate it’s car. Then they both got in and left, it was already late in the evening and there was a lot of traffic.

Dillion didn’t wanna rush things at all so he obeyed all the traffic rules and by the time he arrived the place he had in mind everywhere was already looking dark.

He parked the car then came down, Shawna came down through the other side to realize that they were both at the bank of a river.

She smiled for the first time in days.

“Come here” Dillion beckoned on her and she went to him.

He held her by the waist then lifted her up to sit on the bonnet of the car, he sat beside her.

Everywhere was calm and cool. Only the wind and the sound of the river movement could be heard.

They both relaxed their minds, they needed it.

But Shawna didn’t enjoy the silence for long. She wanted to talk to him but she doesn’t know what to say and she doesn’t know how to indicate her needs.

She took occasional glance at him. He noticed.

“What is it?” He asked her.

She folded her lips, started fiddling with her fingers as a wave of shyness blew over her.

“I…” she stuttered not even knowing what to ask.

“I…”she stuttered again then paused.

“I…”she stuttered for the third time then suddenly recalled what to say.

“I’m sorry” she mouthed.

Dillion looked at her.

“For what?” He asked.

“For everything. For all the troubles I caused you. I’ve been wanting to apologise but never got the opportunity” she mouthed again.

“It’s okay” came Dillion’s reply.

She blinked her eyes as silence took over again.

Then her mind went back to the paper.

A grant of freedom with her name on it.

Does he want to grant me my freedom? She thought.

Then that means we won’t be able to see each other again and it means that I’ll have to go back to my step father.

Is he perhaps tired of me? Is this a way of getting rid of me?

Once I go back to my step father, he’ll sell me to another S*x house.

Is he really getting rid of me? She couldn’t help but get worried.

Thinking about it normally, it’s a good thing but when it comes to Shawna. It’s not good because perhaps she doesn’t wanna leave Dillion.

Perhaps she can’t bear living without seeing him.

She looked up at him with teary eyes.

“Are you getting rid of me?” She asked. The question surprised Dillion.

He took his full attention to her to see tears in her eyes even in the dark.

“Why are you tearing up?” He couldn’t help but ask.

“You’re getting rid of me, you’ll return me back to him. He’ll sell me out again” she said.

Dillion wasn’t understanding her at all.

“Him? What him? Getting rid of you? Come on Shawna, explain better” he requested.

Shawna sniffed.

“Hey, don’t cry. I don’t like it” Dillion cooed.

She stared into his eyes as he said those words.

“You don’t like it?” She found herself asking.

“Yes, because you look ugly when crying” he answered her.

She found herself chuckling.

He also chuckled.

“I won’t cry again then” she mouthed thumbing her tears.

He also helped her in drying her tears.

“I aren’t getting rid of you in anyway so don’t ever think like that okay?”I He cooed.

She nodded like a little kid.

He pulled her close then embraced her tightly.

TBC Shawna.
Emotional scenes are gone. It’s time to move on.


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