SOLD TO A GANG LEADER … (18+) … Episode 74



Episode 34
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written by; Blessing D writes

Writer’s POV
Sam got to the underground house quickly because he drove at a crazy high speed.

He parked in front of the gate then banged on the gate, some of the boys guarding the gate opened it and saw him.

Before they could say anything he ran in speedily. They all knew why he was reacting that way too. They all had seen Luwis dead body too. So they let him.

He got to the entrance and entered freely because the door was left open. And there, they laid luwis down on a bed and covered him up but leaving only his face. Dillion hasn’t instructed them on what to do next because he wanted sam to see Luwis dead body first.

Sam felt a huge cut in his heart as he stared at Luwis from the entrance. Some of the boys close to Luwis body moved, moving far away from him.

Sam dragged himself to where luwis dead body laid. His hand found his mouth and he covered it.

Tears streaked down his cheeks uncontrollably.

“Hey” he called when he had gotten close.

“What are you doing lying there?” He asked as if he was about going crazy. He still doesn’t wanna get it. He doesn’t wanna understand that Luwis is truly the one lying there.

“Hey, get up!” He’s voice came out a little loud as if he was trying to command a dead man on what to do.

“Get up bastard. This wasn’t the plan, was it?” Sam asked uncovering him.

“Why are you so still? Your body is cold too. You don’t even wanna open your eyes” he spoke so softly staring at Luwis from head to toe.

“This wasn’t the plan. Are you faking things or what? You were okay earlier, how come you’re lying here so cold and pale. You’re no longer as handsome as you used to be, your skin is so pale, just get up and take a look at yourself” said sam.

He took his hand to his cheek and touched him.

Then he bursted out crying. He squatted to the floor with Luwis hand in his.

“Please don’t do this, we are in this together. Who gave you the permission to leave? Who gave you the permission? We have a lot of plans, we made a lot of them as kids. Why on Earth will you just leave without a final word? What am I supposed to do without you brother?” He cried out painfully.

Most of the boys there had to leave the sitting room in other not to join him in crying. Most just bowed their heads and held themselves -most that could control themselves.

“Nooooo….please, you said I was your little brother, didn’t you? How dare you? How dare you……?”

Dillion had ordered a few bottles of vertigo.

That’s the best way to deal with this, just drown myself in alcohol, he thought.

He opened about six bottles of alcohol and drank it all before you know it, vertigo being a bastard it was did a lot of harm to him.

First he passed out there, without anyone’s knowledge.

The guards will all think he is fine inside, not knowing that he has already passed out.

Shawna on her own was inconsolable.

She couldn’t believe that she won’t be seeing Luwis again. Her only male friend, even if they are not that tight but she still considers him her best friend.

“I should have known. I should have seen it. How stupid was I?”

“You have always been stupid Shawna. You couldn’t see it.”

“He fell for someone like you and you still treated him badly even in his last minute. How could you be so wicked? How could you have killed him? You didn’t even do anything for him even as a friend.”

“You’re just useless. You should have died with your parents.”

“Everyone leaves…they all leaves… maybe it’s just my fate. Maybe I can never be happy” she sobbed.

Beatrice and one other maid just stood watching her as she cried. They had tried consoling her but it wasn’t getting anywhere.

Now ma’am had just sent someone to get her drugs that will induce her and make her sleep for long.

She just can’t continue crying that way, she might cry herself to death – who knows? So she will just do the best she can and leave the rest.

Poor girl, ma’am Sandra had thought when she was formally there with her in her room.

When will suffering leave her?

TBC Shawna

I think that’s it. I’ll just end the emotional episode here cos I can’t seriously continue typing it.

I’ll have to fast forward a lot starting from the next episode.


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