SOLD TO A GANG LEADER … (18+) … Episode 5



Episode 5
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader ☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written: Blessing D writes

Shawna’s POV
“Ma’am Sandra, can you please explain this to me, I can’t really differentiate between the two” I asked her and she turned to me and signed.

“Who exactly bought me and if you don’t mind, please tell me who that girl is?” I inquired.

“Of course you opt to know. Dillion is the first twin, the one you saw me hugging is the junior one, his name is actually Dilly.”

“The girl Naomi is their Junior sister, she is traveling with the junior master to Mexico” she explained and I opened my mouth slightly then nodded showing that I understand.

“So, which of them really owns me?” I asked again.

“Well, since the younger master bought you as a gift for his elder brother, that makes you, the older master’s slave, sorry to use that word tho” she explained and apologized.

“It’s okay, no need to apologise ma’am, I already accepted my fate long before I got here” I smiled and said.

So that means, the guy that I was sent into his room is Dillion and he owns me tho I was a gift by the younger twin Dilly, hmm that makes sense.

“But ma’am Sandra, what about their parents? Don’t they have….”

My voice trailed off when I saw one of them entering, Dillion, it’s him, his hands were tucked into his trouser pocket as he walked pass the both of us and climbed up the stairs.

He is snotty.

When I saw that he was far gone I made to continue with my question but ma’am Sandra cut me off.

“Where are your own parents? You didn’t mention them while introducing yourself.”

“Um..they are both dead, that’s why I ended up getting sold by my step father” I responded, my head bowed in sadness.

Her hand went to my back and she patted me. “It’s okay child, you’ll survive” she smiled and said.

“Go to your room, we’ll continue our discussion later” she urged and I nodded and left her.

I didn’t know when a drop of tears rolled down my cheek.

I don’t like thinking back to the past. It’s hurts. I was barely 14 when dad died, then when I clocked 16 mom joined him. My fate is so so horrible.

I think I’m born to really suffer. Did I offend someone in my previous life?

I got to my room and entered,then threw myself on the bed and closed my eyes.

Please when I open my eyes, lemme turn 40 years old, so I’ll quickly die and join my parents.


☠️Dilly’s POV ☠️
“Dill, who is that clumsy lady? Who is the bit*h?” Naomi asked with her eyes widly opened, we are both sited in a black limo that is conveying us to the airport.

“Why? Are you jealous of her?” I asked her back.

She doesn’t like seeing someone that’s more prettier than her, she hates the person instantly, that has always been her dirty behavior.

“Why? Why on Earth will I be jealous of a mere bit*h?’ She half yelled.

“Then don’t ask” I simply replied and heard her mumbling words I don’t care to hear.

Next day

😎Dillion’s POV😎
📞Where are you guys right now? I asked into the phone pacing up and down inside my room.

📞We just got down from the plane, we’ll soon be at the quarters, why do you sound worried?

📞Well, didn’t you hear of a plane that crashed idiot? I’ve been calling but my call doesn’t get through at all, I answered pissed and relieved at the same time.

He laughed for a while and continued.

📞Don’t tell me you were worried, when did you start worrying about our well being? He questioned and I groaned.

📞F**k you, get off, I yelled and cut the call then threw the phone on the desk.

My phone started ringing again and I picked up the call and answered it without looking at the screen.

📞What is it? Do you wanna continue laughing then you better don’t try it?? I snapped.

📞Um..boss, it’s me Luwis, luwis voice came up.

I sighed and ruffed my hair in order to calm down.

📞What is it? Be fast, I said.

📞Well, the deal is set, we need someone to collect the coke from him, someone manipulate, we searched up and heard the old cargo likes sexy ladies a lot, I think it’s best we use that to get him. Should I search for a very sexy lady to do the job? He explained and asked.

📞No, I got someone, no need for that, I’ll meet you at Luxury hotel at 9, make sure you set everything before then, I responded.

📞Alright boss, I’ll go now.

Then the call went off.

Seems I’ll be needing the new slave today.



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