SOLD TO A GANG LEADER … (18+) … Episode 2


Episode 2
☠️Sold To A Gang Leader ☠️
😎[He owns her]💲
Written By: Blessing D Writes
(Let her in)

💲Shawna’s POV 💲
They drove for a very long time, a very very long time that made me feel uncomfortable and stuffy in between the two men.

But finally we arrived a big gate, there were lots of heavily built men stationed at the entrance.

They opened the gate and granted access to us. We drove in and I didn’t sight any house or whatever.

They continued driving, there were only tall trees around.

Hmm, haven’t we gotten there? I wondered trying to stare around but got restricted by the men.

They continued driving turning and turning and then finally got to another gate, the gate was also opened by the guards stationed there.

We drove in and shortly after saw another giant gate, the biggest of them all.

Wow, that’s three gates.

The securities here were much and tight.

They drove in again and the first sight my eyes landed on was the big waterfall up ahead.

It looked so beautiful just staring at it.

They drove pass it and drove into what seemed like a garage,parked and came down. I came out of the car with them and one held my hand preventing me from having a look around.

I think this isn’t a house. It’s more like a mansion.

They dragged me to the car of the guy that had bought me. He was with a stick and was smoking.

He glared at me and groaned out a “follow me.”

He started walking away and I followed him, he got into the house and I entered with him.

The look of the interior design is great but unfortunately I can’t stand and look around the way I want because the guy steps were fast and in order to catch up with him I’ll had to run walk.

We walked passed a lot of boys who greeted the guy in front of me and he only waved at them.

He climbed the stairs and started going through a corridor. He continued for a long time and only stopped when he got to a room.

“Dillion” he called out and the door opened few seconds afterwards.

The person he called out walked out and rested his body on the wall beside his door.

“You’re back?” The Dillion guy inquired.

But hold on…why do they look so much alike?

Are they twins? I wondered and tried straining my neck to look at the guy. The one that had brought me is too tall so I had a lot of difficulties staring at the Dillion guy.

“Yeah, I got this one for you. I’ll be leaving for Mexico tomorrow, she’s my gift to you” the guy that brought me responded. He patted his shoulder and started leaving which made me have a clear view of the Dillion guy and it’s like I’ve said. They are twins but this one has pink lips and his hair didn’t cover his eyes but fitted him perfectly, if I were asked, I’ll say this one is more handsome but he looks more dangerous.

I gulped hard as the Dillion guy stared at me without an expression.

Should I continue following the first guy? But I heard him say, she’s my gift to you right? That only means I’ll have to stick with this one.

Oh gosh or should I ask?

But why isn’t the Dillion guy saying anything? Why is he just staring at me like am really an item not a human?

I guess I’ll have to continue following the one that bought me.

I made to move after him but the Dillion guy’s voice stopped me.

“Where the hell are you going?” He snarled making me flinch.

I turned to stare at his now cold eyes.

“I…I..I just..”I stopped stammering as his cold eyes made me so scared.

“I’m sorry” I apologized simply as not to afford further questioning.

He rolled his eyes and went into his room, then he slammed the door shut.

Why didn’t he say anything? Why did he just slam the door? Does he expect me to keep standing here? I wondered staring at the shut door.

I stood there for about 20 minutes before I saw a woman, someone in her early 50s walk up to me.

“Hello child” she called somewhat excited.

“H..hi ma” I greeted back.

“Follow me” she said and turned to leave.

“Ma? He..he doesn’t want me to leave” I pointed at the shut door and said.

She only smiled at me and continued going.

I scratched my hair and started following her. I followed her to an entirely different turn. Like the other side of where we were originally at.

Then I saw about ten maids, they were all on uniforms.

They bowed slightly at the woman as she got to them.

“She is our new master property, make sure she’s clean in and out, you know he hates dirt a lot so make her clean and really beautiful” the woman instructed the maids and they bowed and came to me.

Five of them took me to a bathroom and threw me into the bathing tub filled with different body things in it, flowers and all that not after removing my dirty dress.

One took one of my legs and started scrubbing it, another took another leg, they all divided themselves and almost scrubbed my skin out of my body.

My hair wasn’t left out. Every of my body part.

After that my body was dried. They placed me on an arranged table in my naked form and started massaging my body with different oil ment and lotion.

By the time they were done, I completely changed.

They wore on an exposive dress on me. One that covered my ass and my bos only, every other part of my body was exposed.

They combed and parked my hair. Spread different perfumes on me.

Gosh, when I stared at myself in the mirror I didn’t recognize myself.

In all my life, this is the first time that am looking really beautiful.

With this look, guys are surely gonna trip for me but that isn’t happening. I’m sold now, I’m just a property so I bet they won’t look at me as a human but a slave.

The woman came back and smiled satisfied at my looks.

“Follow me child” she beckoned and started walking out.

I followed after her from behind and we started taking the same turn which we took while coming here.

The guys we encountered on the way stopped to stare at me. About 8 of them, they all stopped to stare at me which made me blush a little tho it’s foolish of me but this kind of thing haven’t happened to me before.

When the woman noticed it, she smiled and said.

“He really choosed the best for his brother.”

I didn’t reply but continued walking behind her until we got to a door and stopped.

This will be your room, you’ll come back here after you’re done with him.

“Lemme take you to his room” she spoke softly and I took a good look at the door and followed her when she continued walking.

It’s didn’t take long before we finally got to that Dillion door.

“Young master” the woman called out politely.

“What is it?” Came the grumpy voice.

“She’s ready” the woman replied him.

Let her in came his voice again.

The woman opened the door and beckoned on me to enter which I did.

What do you think?
Dillion or the other twin, who really owns her?


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