SIX DAYS WITH A BAD GIRL … (18+) … Part 91



Julie POV

“Am gonna make suffer bitch !!” Steve spat and punch me hard on my tummy

My face was covered in blood I couldn’t see clearly

” Why don’t just kill me” I groaned

“It will be my pleasure bitch “, he said and wanted to hit me but he was lifted off me and sent flying across the room

It was Romeo he was felt with fury

He went over to Steve and gave him the beating if his life

He wanted to come over to me but unfortunately Steve used a chain to hold him , practically he was trying to strangle him with the chain

Romeo stumbled hard on his foot and release himself before beating him so badly..

The cops and the medics arrived just immediately and arrested Steve

“Easy there sweetie you will be fine ” Romeo said as he lifted me in his arms

“Step aside please let’s do our work ” one of the medics said and brought a stretcher

” Ro… Meo” I managed to say

” Am here now baby don’t stress ” he said as tears threatened to fall

That was all I remembered before passing out.

Romeo’s POV

I felt like my whole world would crash when the doctor told me she had been abused

How dare that bastard lay a finger on Juliet , I don’t want to go against the law or else I would killed him myself.

I walked hastily to Julie’s hospital room
She was awake when I came in .
Her bruises had been cleaned up but there were scars on her body .

I sat down beside her and 😘 her forehead

“Am sorry Romeo am…”

“No baby it wasn’t your fault don’t cry justice is gonna be served” I said with pain my voice .

She went through alot In four days and I wasn’t there to save her from that monster.

“Excuse me Mr Martinez” the inspector said the moment he got into her room

” Yes inspector” I answered

“We are yet to get your answers but however you can press charges if you want ” he said calmly

” Yes inspector I want that bastard to pay for his crimes bitterly ” I said angrily

” Romeo …

“No Julie don’t try to talk me outta it , he has gone pretty far this time and trust me he won’t be spared” I groaned

” Very well then thanks for your cooperation” the inspector said and walked away.

” Am sorry babe I didn’t mean to shout at her you ” I said and kissed her slightly parted lips.

” Promise you won’t ever leave me” she mumbled

“You are my life Juliet leaving you means death for me even in death I can’t seem to Leave you ” I said

” I love you” she muttered

” I love you much more baby ” I said and 😘 kissed her palm…


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