SIX DAYS WITH A BAD GIRL … (18+) … Part 86



Juliet POV

We all heading to the church happily as mom and Joan never failed to make me laugh suddenly two cars parked in front of ours they came out and started firing at everyone

Mom and Joan were not left out , I yelled as I saw blood everywhere

They came to my side and used the gun to hit me on the head I passed out after that.

**”” “” “” “”

I woke up with a terrible headache, I looked around but I was in a strange bedroom as the memories came rushing back , I broke down in tears

“You are awake princess” I heard a familiar voice swears I almost jumped outta my skin as I heard a voice whom I thought I won’t hear again

I turned slowly in fright as I saw a ghost
“S..s..Steve ” I shuttered

“Yes baby it’s me in one flesh and blood” she said with a smirk

This is unbelievable how is this possible ??? But he died in the accident

“Miss me ” he jerked me off my thoughts

I shifted back in fear

” Calm down princess I don’t bite” he said with a corny smile

” Stay away from me” I blurted out scared

“Why should I? I brought you here so I can finally be with you forever ” he said with a grin

” That means you sent those guys , you fucking killed my family you monster” I shouted

” Oh sorry about that sweetie it wasn’t intentional ” she as he sat down close to me but I pushed him away

” Stop being feisty Julie even after all this year’s I still can’t seem to get you outta my Head can’t you see what you doing to me “he said with an expressionless face

” I said stay away from me bitch !” I growled and gave him a slap as tears roll down my cheeks

Mom and Joan were the only family I had left but he killed them all and he calls that love

“Oh no sweetheart you shouldn’t have done that” she said and grabbed me by the hair

I groaned in pain as he toss me across the room ,I landed with a thud

He grabbed hold of my wedding dress which was already stained and ripped it off exposing my thighs

“I brought you here so I can do with as I please even your Romeo can’t save you from me ” he grabbed my hair aggressively and whisper into my ear

He gave me a bunch on the cheek bursting my lips in the process.

” Why don’t you just kill me like you killed the rest” I groaned in pain

” Oh no sweetheart I won’t do that yet ” he said and punched me hard on the abdomen and toss me to the other side of the room

I landed on the floor roughly hitting my head hard in the process I passed out…


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