SIX DAYS WITH A BAD GIRL … (18+) … Part 80



Romeo POV

I decided to stay at home today maybe do some work out at my basketball court
Yeah am a basketballer one the best actually
I practice at the basketball court just after the marble falls.

I was engrossed in what I was doing that I didn’t notice someone

“Nice moves you got there romie ” she said my body tensed up as I heard her voice

I stopped playing and turned towards her

“What are you doing in my house Tasha ? I thought I warned you not ever come here ” I groaned at her

” Calm down hubby I didn’t come here to fight, I came here because I still love you I promise am going to change for your seek baby please” she said with a innocent face but I know her too well

She can never change, even if she did change I can never fall in love with her

“It seems you don’t get it bitch !!! Stay away from me Natasha alecjandro I can never someone as evil minded like you for your information my heart belongs to Juliet alone now fuck off or am gonna do something terrible we will both regret” I growled at her

She flinched back in fear

” Common romie stop playing hard to get I know you want me too ” she said and tried to run her finger through my abs but Julie came outta nowhere and grabbed it
She groaned in pain as Julie twisted her hand.

“Didn’t you just hear the young man bitch he doesn’t want your filthy p”**y why can’t you get that into your tiny skull” Julie said with smirk

” Let me go you hurting me ” she pleaded in pain.

” Now I want you to get your ugly , stupid and bitchy self outta my husband’s house or am gonna be forced to scratch off your face ,cut off your hands and your legs including your smelling p***y ,you going be rolling on the street faceless , armless and legless too now fuck off” she growled and pushed her to the floor

I chuckled softly my baby is a real bad girl ,that should teach Tasha a lesson she won’t ever forget

“Am going to make you pay for this humiliation 😒 Romeo ” Tasha said angrily and walked away

” Yeah that’s right run away like the chicken you are ” Julie yelled after her.

” Woow my baby girl is a bad girl in the making” I said with a smirk

She glared at me and wanted to walk away but I pulled her by the arm as she landed on me with her hands on my chest

She gasps as our body came in contact

“Common baby am sorry you know am yours truly , nobody will ever come in between us ” I said as we locked eyes
I kissed her forehead as she stared at me with slightly parted lips

“Common sweetie I said am sorry it wont happen again “, I said and held my ears

” Promise??” She pouts

” Cross my heart and hope to die sweetie” I said with a chuckle

” Silly boy”, she teased pulling my cheeks playfully

“Yeah that’s right am silly for you ” I said and stole a kiss from her and ran away

” Come back here you pervert ” she yelled after me .

We kept running around the basketball court till we got tired and laid on the ground….


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