SIX DAYS WITH A BAD GIRL … (18+) … Part 78



Unknown POV

I was back in the city , after so many years I can’t wait to see my mom, I drove straight to my house

It has not changed abit , the guards almost ran outta their skins when they saw me

“OMG OMG ghost !!!” Mom screamed when she saw me

It took me few minutes to convince her I was not a ghost

” Where have you been all years Steve we thought you were dead” mom cried

I narrated everything to her and how I was saved by a stranger to when I had lost my memory

“My God bless that Noble man for looking after you for me , not to think that I harassed that poor girl for your death” she sobbed quietly

” Juliet?? ” I asked

Speaking of JULIET I can’t wait to see her face again I wonder what she is going to look like now

“Yes dear me and Maurice accused her of your death and went as far destroying her relationship with her fiance ” she mumbled

” Which fiancee are you talking about mom ? ” I asked to be sure of what I just heard

” The rich guy who she stays with he even threatened to deal with me if anything had gone wrong , I guess I should look for him and apologize now that you save and back to me ” mom sobbed

” You will do no such thing mom ” Maurice said from behind

He frozed immediately he saw me

” Steve….??.. how. Did..” he stammered

” I know what you thinking but it’s me Maurice am not dead” I blurted out

I explained everything to him too but that didn’t change anything

“Brother she still needs to pay for everything , i managed to separate him and that Romeo guy years ago but turns out they are back together and Juliet now has a child for him , I was told by my informat that they’re getting married soon ” Maurice dropped the bomb

” What ??? How could she do this to me I loved her with all me , It was because of her that I had an accident and was seperated from my family for years now ” I yelled angrily

” CAlm down so. Just let it go , you going to find someone who is going to love you back please” mom pleaded but I was too
Angry that I didn’t notice we were standing close to the stairs

I pushed her angrily as she fell down the stairs
She laid on the floor In her own pool of blood
What have I done ??
Maurice and I raced down the stairs and took her in my arms

“Mom please open your eyes am sorry please don’t do this to me ” I said as tears gathered in my eyes

” I .. lo.. ve… You boys ” she said and gave up the ghost

She screamed out my lungs
“Brother you see what this girl is doing to our family huh ??” Maurice growled

“I swear by my mom’s blood am going to wipe out all of them if it’s the last thing I do ” I yelled and punched the wall……


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