SIX DAYS WITH A BAD GIRL … (18+) … Part 77



Romeo POV

My little skim to drag Julie home worked , I can’t imagine the look on her face when she saw me come outta the flowers

“Will you be my queen forever?” I asked as I opened the ring box

She gasps as she looked at me with teary eyes

“Yes yes I will be your queen now and forever” she said while I slide the ring into her finger happily

I was scared for a moment she is going to say no to me

I stood up and hugged her immediately gold came out with the Jasmine

“I love Julie And I will always do ” I whisper in her ear

“Woow daddy mommy said yes , I thought she was going to say no let me call the police on her ” gold said Smiling
Most times she talks like an adult

” I love much more Romeo , I will never leave you alone no matter what” she said as tears of joy roll down her cheeks
I used my thumb to wipe it off .

“Let’s go inside and toast to this ” I said and led them inside.

We went the dinner area which I had set up already that was why the front door was locked so my suprise won’t be ruined

“By the way you scared me to death today do you know how worried I was as I drove crazily home my car is still outside the gate who does that !!” she said with a straight face

” Am sorry babe it was actually goldey’s idea ” I said while gold giggled

“You mean gold came up with this idea ??” She asked to be sure

” Yes mom I did since Dad couldn’t come up with any proposal idea ” she said innocently

Like seriously she is smarter than her age , who would believe a 7years old kid planned all of this

“Woow am so shocked , but this was the craziest way to propose to a lady ” Julie said with a scoff

” Don’t mind her daddy she enjoyed every bit of it ” gold said and stuck out her tongue
I made fun of Julie and burst into laughter

Soon it was time for gold lesson so the nanny took her away .
I was left with Julie along

“Now that is just you and I what do you think we should do ” I asked and winked

” Nothing romie she said dryly still munching on her food

” How about a little catching up ” I said with smirk I stood up and picked her up in bridal style

“Pervert” she cursed underneath

I took her upstairs to the bedroom , I dropped her on the bed and kissed her immediately which she responded to .

I unbuttoned my shirt revealing my masculine figure , ripped off her dress aggressively and planted kisses all over her making sure I left a hickey on her .
I took one of tits Into my mouth and suck em as she moan sweetly

Are moan are like music to my ears , my body tensed up as a felt my hardness
She stood up and unbuckled my leather belt and brought out my beast .

She knelt down and took my beast into her mouth deep throat f***king me
Swears the feeling was so outta this world . I closed my eyes enjoying the pleasure I felt from it , I stopped her and made her stand on her fours,
I ripped off her pants and toss it across the room
Her ass were round and big too .

I spanked them Abit before thrusting deep into her
She moaned out loud while I thrust in and outta her tenderly making sure not to hurt her
She called out my name in a moan….


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