SIX DAYS WITH A BAD GIRL … (18+) … Part 75



Romeo’s POV

It’s been awhile since Juliet and gold came back into my life I must say this time has been the happiest moment of my life which is why am going to seal the relationship once and for all.

I don’t want to have more problems coming our way , can’t bear to loose them again .

Immediately I was done at the office , I gave my assistant some documents and instructed him to go through it before I left for the jewelry store downtown.

I parked my car in front of the store and walked in with a smile ,

“Good day sir ” the receptionist greeted the moment she saw me along side the other staffs

“Good day everyone , can you please show me around your ring section ” I said politely

She nodded and ask me to come with her which I did , soon we arrived at a room in the store that was mainly for rings

I was checking out the rings when I heard a voice I never thought I would hear again

“Well well if it isn’t romie boy ” she said in a mocking tune

“Hey Tasha” I said not even looking at her I need to pick the best ring for Julie I don’t care if it’s dammn expensive am not a billionaire for nothing

“Long time no see lover boy” she and tried to touch my body but I stopped her mid way

“Get lost Tasha as you can see am trying to picking my wedding ring so please if you don’t mind get lost ” I groaned

Her face darken the moment she heard that.
All the rings here doesn’t suit Julie’s beauty I need something as pretty as her face 😋

“What did you just say Romeo ?” She asked to be sure

“Well for your information am getting married to the love of my life how is that your freaking problem?” I said coldly

” What??…but..but

“Excuse me please come here ” I said to the receptionist she came rushing immediately

” You didn’t even got a ring when I was you Romeo ” she said angrily

” That’s because we were not married legally , I kept you with me because of the pressure from everyone but don’t worry baby girl you are invited to my exclusive wedding with Juliet ” I said with a smirk leaving her speechless

” Could you show me all the most expensive ring in your store ? All the rings here are not up to my taste ” I said mockingly

Tasha stood there like she was glued to the ground ,I know she must be bitter about the whole thing .

“But I love you Romeo don’t do this to me ” she said sadly but I don’t care

“I can never bring myself to love someone as disgusting and shameless like you ..oh and enjoy buying rings for yourself “I said rudely and winked at her

The receptionist was trying to hold her laughter as the led me to their most expensive collections…


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