SIX DAYS WITH A BAD GIRL … (18+) … Part 72



Romeo’s POV

I watched her walked into the bathroom in just towel.i really can’t stay away from her anymore,

I know she is still finding it hard to trust me but am gonna make sure I earn back her trust.

I pulled off my shirt remaining just my trousers,I took out my PC from his bag and decided to go through some PDF file

If I don’t do it now I might never get the chance to , tomorrow is Saturday and I planned on making the weekend a memorable experience for gold and Julie.

I busy work when she came outta the shower dripping wet with her hair tied In a hair towel.
I dropped my PC on the study table and stood up , I also need to shower .

She didn’t move ,she just stood there looking at me with a straight face.

I wanted to walk pass her when she held my hand I stopped instantly.

“Do you want anything dear ?” I asked with a raised eyebrow

” I want you” she said lustfully and crashed her lips on mine ,I responded immediately.
Carried her off the ground not breaking the kiss and took her back into the bathroom.
I turned on the shower and continued kissing her as the water falls on us.

I trailed kissses around her neck planting love bites on it , she moaned softly as I did that .

God knows how much have missed her body,I removed the towel from her body , which was already soaking wet .her tits when now bigger and pinkish than before.

I took one in my mouth and suck on em like my life depends on it ,I used my hand to smooch the other one.

She moan as she fondle with my hair ,the splashing water only increased my urge .

I groaned as I felt my hardness, I gently removed my wet trousers and toss it on the toilet floor.

I kissed her again this time more tender and passionately

I used my finger to tease her wet honey pot and inserted a finger it was still damn tight that’s to prove she had not been with anyone else.

I pulled out my fingers ready to thrust in with beast.

“I love you so much” I whisper into her ear before thrusting deep into her.

She held on to me tightly as her sharp nails pierced my shoulder but I wasn’t bothered my the pain.

It was like the first time I had sex her she closed her eyes in pain ,I stopped for while cause I couldn’t stand her get hurt

“Are you okay kitty?” I whispered audibly
She nodded indicating yes.

I started thrusting into her again only this time slow but not too slow.

We f***ked till we reached climax.
I took her into the jacuzzi tub and took a bath with her.

Today is a day I won’t forget ….


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