SIX DAYS WITH A BAD GIRL … (18+) … Part 71



Unknown POV

“Son I think it’s high time you go back to your family especially now that you remember everything about you ,it’s been so long and I wonder how they are coping without you” I said

He let out a breath he never knew he was hold

” Yeah I think so too , I miss my mom and brother so much I can’t start to imagine the pain they must have been going through” he said and took his glass of water to his mouth

“Okay but make sure you will always come visiting because once you gone i will be lonely again” i said sadly

” Come on jandro I won’t be gone forever don’t worry I will make sure to come over whenever am Free” he said with a smile but I was still sad he was leaving me.

He was the only person I took as family ever since I saved him and brought him to my house .
I will miss his presence so much.

Julie POV

Life at Romeo’s house , was something I didn’t expect, he made sure me and gold was okay, he even cook for us and take out time in driving her to school every day

Initially I was expecting him to start asking me questions about the last six years or even try to make out with me since we shared the same room but he did no such thing ,.

I won’t deny the fact that I long for his touch so much. Don’t blame me tho , for the past six years haven’t been touched being with Romeo always put me in the mode.

After rounding up at the office ,. I had become so tired I took the elevator downstairs thinking of how I was going to drive home because I was extremely tired.
I came outside only to meet Romeo standing beside my car.

“Hey kitty ” he said walking towards me, he kissed my cheeks making my cheeks heat up

” How long have you been standing there” I asked with a loop side smile

” Not to long , but was worth it”he said and winked

I rolled my eyes at him

” Shall we ?? Mi lady ” he said and led me to his car , I entered the passenger side while he went to the driver side, he brought the engine to life and drove straight home.

At home
When he had parked the car properly I wanted to open the door my self but he beat me to it and helped me out.

He took my stilettos and my versatile handbag inside while I trailed behind

Such a gentleman,

“Mommy!!!” Gold rushed me with hugs

“Calm down baby how was school today” I said and pecked her forehead

“Common it’s okay gold mommy is so tired please don’t trouble her okay?” Romeo said

” Sorry mom ” gold pouts and ran to meet the nanny Romeo had hired to look after her.

He led me upstairs to the room. After keeping my stuff in the closet he went to the bathroom and set up a bath for me.

I feel so guilty, even after everything he still loves me so much.

I can’t stay away from him any longer. I can’t deny the fact that I still love him so much am just scared..


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