SIX DAYS WITH A BAD GIRL … (18+) … Part 70



Romeo POV

Words can’t express how happy I am for bringing my family back together, I know it will take time to mend the broken edges but am gonna make things right again

This time nothing is ever going to come between us

I took the elevator downstairs to the kitchen , I was still contemplating on what to cook when an idea clicked

I later decided to make pancakes and sausage egg rolls.
In no time I started cooking .

I didn’t even realize someone was looking at me for I was devoted in what I was cooking, I wanna make sure I made the best pancakes that’s gonna make gold smile

Her beautiful smile is all that matters to me.

“Hmmm” I heard someone say I turned it was Julie
She stood at the entrance with folded arms looking at me with a straight face.

“You should be resting now” I said and focused on getting the sausage rolls

“Don’t feel like I thought I should lend a helping hand ” she said and walked towards me she wanted to wear and apron too when I stopped her.

“No dear am almost done you just seat down over there and watch me set the table ” I said and took her unaware

She gasps when I took her in bridal style I dropped her on the kitchen counter

Before going back to my pancakes , she kept looking at me with kin eagerness

Soon I was done I set the table and raced upstairs to fetch gold. I came down shortly with her
I gave her a piggy back all the way down to the dinner area.

Julie POV

After having dinner with desert too , I helped Romeo do the dishes and cleared the dinner too.

I went to check on gold but she wasn’t in her room.
I checked mine too but she and Romeo where nowhere to be found , where could they have gone by this time.

Well as long as she is with Romeo I know she is safe
I decided to tour the whole mansion , I have not gotten far when I heard beautiful rhymes coming from the hallway area.

It was so pleasant to the ears I wonder you is playing such lovely lines by this time ,. I walked hastily to the hallway and stopped by a door it seems the sound is coming from this side

I peeped through the little space because the door wasn’t closed .
To my greatest suprise it was Romeo , he was playing a guitar while gold watched him with so much interest

I never knew he could play an instrument because I haven’t seen him do it before

I wanted to move away when I mistakenly pushed the door in , he stopped the moment he saw .

“Woow I never thought you could play so beautiful” I said calmly

“Yeah I learned from my dad, wanna try ?? ” He said

” Nah I don’t know how to ” I replied

” Common mom it’s gonna be fun ” gold said smiling

“Okay fine ” I said and walked towards him

He guided me carefully , whenever his fingers brush through my body I shivered
I can’t believe his touch still has a effect on me…..


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