SIX DAYS WITH A BAD GIRL … (18+) … Part 69



Julie POV

He took us straight to his mansion a different one entirely
I was woowed by the architecture of the building

The exteriors was something you won’t see every time.

“Welcome to my humble abode'” he said with a smile

” Daddy your house is so beautiful” gold said giggling

” Yeah baby it has to be cause I bought it especially for you and your cute mommy over there” he said pointing towards me

Swears o blushed alittle but I was quick to hide it.

“Shall we??” He said and led us inside
A big wow escaped my mouth

The interiors were splendid too, they made sure they took time in fixing everything

“You like it ?” He asked snapping me outta my thoughts

“It’s cool ” I said dryly

“It’s nice daddy I love it” gold chip in

“Am glad you like it come let me take you to your room ” he said and took gold in his arms

He led us a elevator made of gold , it took us upstairs , there were so many rooms
We stopped at a particular door which was painted pink and had Golden design all around and gold boldly writen at top.

He opened the door to behold a beautiful room filled with so many pinkish stuffs and lots dolls and video games too.

“Ahhhh daddy I love it !!” Gold screamed while I rolled my eyes.
He let her down to explore her room.

She walked around the room checking everything out happily

“Now to show the mom the house her room ,” he said with a smirk

“Oh please” I snapped

“Come this way her Royal majesty ” he said with sarcasm in his voice.
I huff and followed him to the just across gold’s own.

He opened the door for me , the room was so Spacey and beautifully decorated too alongside a king sized bed

“This is our room baby “, he whispered into my ear

“Huh??” I asked to be sure I hard him well

“You heard me kitty we gonna be staying in the same room from now on and you have no option too” he said calmly

” What no I can’t stay in the same room with you ” I said and dragged my luggage to the other door but supprisingly it was locked same as the rest.

“I told you baby you have no option” he said and winked

I groaned and walked into the room angrily

He always know how to have his way with me, I would have preferred to sleep in gold’s room but her bed is not that big
It’s a bed made for kids only

I sat down on the bed and tried to remove my heels to he knelt down infront of me

“Let me help me with that ” he mumbled even when I tried to decline he removed it without my permission

He removed my heels and massaged my ankles too, I won’t lie I kinda enjoyed the massage

“Go take your bath while I prepare something for you and gold” he said and walked away…


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