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SIX DAYS WITH A BAD GIRL … (18+) … Part 67



Julie POV

What have I done ??

We rushed him to the hospital , he was attended to immediately we got there .
For a minute I was so scared

“Mom will daddy be okay?” Gold asked innocently

“Yes my love he is a fighter he is gonna be fine” I said and peek her palm.

” Miss Juliet could you see me in my office please” the doctor said and walked away I followed him to his office alongside mom and gold.

“Doctor what’s wrong with him ?” I rushed him with questions

“Calm down miss he is fine but are you aware he has a sickness called cardiogenic shock? ” He said with a raised eyebrow

What?? How come ??

” No doctor I don’t what’s the cause of this diagnosis” I asked as tears gathered up in eyes

” Well it’s caused by shooking or sad events and too much thinks , it can also lead to death if he keeps going through emotional trauma ” he said

” Okay thanks doctor can we see him now ? ” My mom asked for I was unable to say anything

I can’t believe leaving him would hurt him this much , I thought he was going to forget about me and move on with his life .
I never knew he was actually saying the truth

“Yes ma’am he should be awake now” he said and gesture us to come with me.

We stood up and trailed off behind him as he took us to a ward.

“Mom let me talk to him alone” I said and took gold with me .

I pushed the door open gently and walked in he was awake but just laid still like someone who is thinking

“Hottie!!” Gold squeak and ran to his bed side

His eyes tear up as he looked at gold with so much love

“Baby how are you” he whispered audibly

I just stood beside the door watching them.
“Am fine as long as you fine ,. Mommy told me you are my daddy Is that true hottie ?” She asked smiling sheepishly

He nodded and pulled her into a hug

“,Yes sweetie am sorry for not being there all this while but not to worry am here now And am going to make things right I promise ” he muttered and kissed her forehead

I cleared my throat and walked towards him shyly

“Hey ” was the only thing I could say

“Why did you do this to me Julie why ??” He asked with an expressionless face
He looked hurt and I felt bad

” Look am sorry but I had no choice , you needed to get married in order to save your company and you hid it from me” I mumbled

” I did that because I love you so much and I won’t want you to feel like a six days girlfriend ” he groaned but relaxed when he was finding it hard to breathe again

But this time it steaded

“Am sorry” I murmured with my head down

“Forget it Julie it’s in the past already , right now what matters to me now is how to spend time with my daughter , you will have to move in with me” he said coldly

” What no I can’t do that , I can’t move in with you besides you married ” I mumbled

” Am not married to anyone Julie I leave alone and you moving in with me and that’s final” he said sternly….


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