SIX DAYS WITH A BAD GIRL … (18+) … Part 64



Julie POV

I could see so much hurt In his eyes like he would break down any time

But I won’t fall for that , he hurt me too

I can’t just run back into his arms like that

Yess I lied about not loving him anymore

Uptill today my love for me never died

But I don’t want history to repeat himself
I raced to the car and entered without saying a word to mom

I know she has lots of questions going on in her head right now

“So that hottie is actually goldey’s dad , no wonder they look so much alike, so tell what did you guys talked about” mom asked

” Nothing of importance” I mumbled looking outside the window

I cried silently as I remembered all the times we shared together

” Don’t lie to me Julie do you still love him huh ” mom asked but I don’t even know what to say to her at the moment

“Honestly I don’t know anymore mom ” I said coldly

“Hmm does he know about gold ?” She asked again , how can she expect me to just tell him about our child

“I doesnt even know i was pregnant before I left , I will tell him when I have the chance to but not today” I said and wiped off my tears.

The rest of the ride home was in total silence ,thank goodness gold is still at school ,.I ran upstairs to my room I locked myself up and cried out my eyes.

I never thought I would see him again

Romeo POV

I slowly regained consciousness but my eyes were still too heavy for me to opened

I was just hearing voices , eventually I opened my eyes

But my vision hasn’t cleared up yet

“Doctor is he is awake now” I heard a familiar voice

My vision cleared up soon ,I looked around my environment but it was a strange place
I tried to stand up but my secretary rushed to me

“No need to stand up boss you need to relax ” she said I nodded and laid back

” Tell me Lia where am I ? What happened to me ” I managed to say

“You are at the hospital , I found you on the floor unconscious so I brought you here don’t worry the doctor will be here soon” she said calmly

” Thank you ” I mumbled

” Thank goodness you are awake Mr Martinez” the doctor said coming through the entrance

” Hello doc what happened” I asked immediately

” Hmm Mr Martinez are you aware you have a diagnosis called cardiogenic shock ??” He asked

Well yes I know ,started ever since Juliet left me years ago

” Yes doctor I know about it I was told years ago” I blurted out

” And you were almost told not to think about memories that hurts you or make you emotional it’s not good for your health ,.you shouldn’t be thinking about anything” he said Sternly as if he was dad

I just nodded ,am human how can I not think ??

“Maybe you should take a day off boss you have been stressing so much this days ” Lia chip in….


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