SIX DAYS WITH A BAD GIRL … (18+) … Part 61



Romeo POV

” my Mom’s name is….. Ju…

” There you are gold your mom have been looking for you all ” a man in a security uniform

” Who is this princess” I asked looking at the man

” He is my mom’s driver , I will be going now hottie” she said and ran off while the driver trailed after her

I part of me wish she never leaves me but too bad I just had to let her go.

I wheeled my Troy to the cashier and paid for my bills and took the things I bought before leaving the store

Julie POV

“Gold where were you I was sick and worried about you “I said and hugged her

” You shouldn’t have mom I was busy talking to one Mr hottie at the adult section” she said

” Really ?? Tell me about this so called hottie or can you take me to him maybe I should go thank him” I said with folded arms

” He is right over there mom look he is about to leave the mall ” and pointed to a guy leaving the store too bad I couldn’t see his face

“It’s okay baby let’s go” I said and took the Troy to the cashier paid for it before leaving for home.

***”” “”****

At home I was busy cooking something for gold when mom came in smiling

“Hey Mom what’s up” I said focusing on what I was doing

” Am exhausted from the days work” she said seating on the kitchen table

” So how did it go mom did you get them to re schedule the meeting” I asked

” Yes dear I did , it will be held tomorrow morning at 10 ” she said helping herself to a glass of water
She gulp down the whole thing first before coming to check what I was cooking

“Hmmm yummy ” she said licking her lips

“Leave this place mom I won’t give you anything till it fully ready ” o said and spanked her hand.

” Ouch what was that for ” she whinned like a teenager

“That’s for trying to sneak into my pot” I said with a smirk

” That reminds me dear , while at the company i saw this hottie , I swear to God he is drop dead handsome like seriously I was drooling too bad am little too old for him” mom said dreamy

” Mom” I blurted out

Is this woman being serious right now??

” Why is everyone talking about strange hotties huh, first gold at the mall now you also at the office can this day get any better” I said with an eye roll

” Whatever Julie you just jealous of me, you scared he might choose me over you” she said with raised eyebrow


” Mom am not competing with you besides I don’t even know this guy you talking about”I scoff

And continued with what I was doing…


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