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September 20, 2020

Cool Stories 22

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SIX DAYS WITH A BAD GIRL … (18+) … Part 60

3 min read



Romeo POV

I was low on tolieties and so food stuffs too so I decided to go to the mall today myself .

I was looking casually today , I parked my car properly at the parking lot before walking into the mall

I got a Troy and walked to the adult section and started picking the things I will be needing when I cute looking kid walked up to me smiling
She reminded me of myself when I was a child

“Good afternoon Mr why are so cute” she squeak

I let out a small chuckle

“Afternoon princess what are you doing here” I asked ignoring her question

“Don’t divert the question Mr hottie” she said and pinched my arm

” Ouch !!! Ain’t a little too small for all this questions” I said feigning annoyance

” Nope am older than you ,. Do you know my mom is so cute ? You guys will look so good together” she said smiling

” Oh really?? So where is your mommy ” I asked her

” I don’t know where she is right now , I think she is at the kiddies section ” she said

” Hmm you really smart for your age group , what’s your name dear” I squats infront of her

” Nah I won’t tell you my name till you give me something in return” she shrugged her shoulder

” What do you want little lady ” I asked with a smirk

Seriously she is being bossy like Julie and her smile is that of Julie

I wish this was our kid.

I took out two chocolate bar from my pocket and gave it to her

“Now Missy are you gonna tell me now ” I said with a scoff

“Yeah , my name is goldie, gold for short I live with my mom and my sexy grandma” she said munching on her chocolate

The sound of sexy grandma made me chuckle

Woow that’s the name me and Julie planned on giving our daughter if we will ever have one.

Somehow I felt drawn to her

“Really ?? Sexy grandma?? Is your mom not sexy ?” I asked with folded arms

” Of course she is but my grandma is the actual bae she is the fashionista in Russia the lady with the vibe , while my mom is the woman in suits” she said calmly like an adult

Like seriously she is really intelligent

“Okay princess what’s your mom’s name ” I asked

“I won’t tell you about it until you give me another chocolate bar ” she said sternly

She is really bossy
I took two chocolate bar from the candy stand and gave it to her

She collected it with so much happiness , I was glad I was able to make someone Happy again

“So are you going to tell me now?” I said

“Actually my mom’s name is ……..


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