SIX DAYS WITH A BAD GIRL … (18+) … Part 55



Julie POV

I wanted to go back and hug him tight but I felt betrayed he lied to me.

He used me all this while and I felt for it thinking he loves me too

I switched off my phone because I know he is going to call.

Took a cab to my mom’s house it’s time to give in to her demands .

I felt naseous somehow but I just shake it off
Maybe it’s because of the stress I want through

I walked to the gate of our mansion it was voice activated ,the password was my birthday that’s if has not changed it.

I called out my birth date nervously to my surprise it worked

My mom’s house did not change one bit.
I walked quietly with my luggage to the front door it wasn’t locked
I entered the house and walked nervously to the living room there she sat elegantly like a 18years old

Watching TV that she didn’t notice my presence

“Mom ” I muttered in form of whisper
Her mode darken the moment she saw me

“What do you want here Juliet” she barked at me making more tears roll down my cheeks

“Mom please listen to me am sorry I hurt your feelings am sorry” I said amist tears

“Leave my house right now Juliet I don’t wanna see your face” she yelled out in anger

“Am sorry mom please I should have listened to you years ago but not to worry have realized my mistake and am back am ready to do whatever you want mom” I said and went down on my knees

Her mode lighten up immediately I said that

“Are you sure about it Juliet or it’s one of your pranks to get me to forgive you ” she said calmly

“No mom have realized how much am loosing at the moment am sorry mom please forgive me” I said unable to control my tears.

At the same time I felt like puking but I still didn’t pay much attention to it.

“It’s okay baby I forgive you stand up I was just mad at you” she said and helped me up she hugged me to herself

The smell of her cologne hit my nose really hard ,that I couldn’t hold back my vomit

I gasps and rushed to the emergency bathroom downstairs and let out every thing

By the time I was done I felt weak and extremely hungry

I didn’t know mom was watching me all this while.

“Do you want to talk about it?”, Was the only thing she said as she was smiling sheepishly

“Talk about what mom” I asked obviously confused

“Wait!! Don’t tell me you don’t know” she said looking at me in a strange manner.

“You getting me confused mom know what mom” I said seriously getting scared

“,You are pregnant Juliet “she said happily

It was like a bomb to me .

I was somehow happy at the same time sad as tears roll down my cheeks

“It’s okay baby don’t cry come with me we have alot of catching up to do I need to know my future son in law” she said and dragged me alone .

It’s high time I stand up on my own

But I can’t deny the fact that I love Romeo so much


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