SIX DAYS WITH A BAD GIRL … (18+) … Part 38



Romeo’s POV

My heart race increase whenever I think about her,

I couldn’t sleep kept tossing and turning around my king sized bed

A soft knock Landed on my door

“Come in it’s not locked” i murmured

The door clicked open it Julie she was a transparent nightie

Her nipples were so visible I had to look away quickly

“Sorry for disturbing you at this hour just that I can’t sleep ,am scared of thunderstorms ” she said innocently

“It’s okay you can sleep on the bed ” i said and picked a pillow and head straight to the couch

“What are you doing” she asked once she noticed I was laying on the couch

“Sleeping ” i replied

“Come over her it’s not comfortable on the couch you gonna get sour all over” she mumbled

I stood up and joined her at the bed.

She folded up into my chest and her ass be touch my manhood

I managed to control myself
And planted a kiss on her hair but she did the unexpected and kissed my lip

At first I didn’t want to respond but I had to cause I was longing for her lips

We kissed passionately this time non stop

I trailed kissses down her neck line
Making sure I gave her love bites
Removed the nightie giving me more assess to her b**bs

I fondle with her b***B’s and gave both of them equal rights

She moaned softly and held on to me tightly

I kissed her belly button as she shivered into my touch

I wanted to stop but she held on to me like she knew what I was about to do

” Please don’t stop ” she moaned in pleasure

“But it’s your first time I don’t wanna hurt you kitty” i whispered into her ear and bit her earlobe

She shuttered

“I insist please do it I can’t hold back any longer” she said in form of whisper

I slide down her pants gently and inserted her finger into her warm honey pot

Dammn she is wet

I fingered her for a while before pulling down my shorts she closed her eyes

I guess she doesn’t want to see it

I inserted it into her p***Ys gently she groaned in pain

As held the bed spray for support
I waited till she had adapted to it before pushing everything in
She moaned out tears.

I wanted to stop but she held my thighs urging me to go on.

I made love to her in tender way

We both reached climax as we collapsed on the bed

I took in bridal style to the bathroom
And dropped her in the jacuzzi tub..
After bathing her I pulled off the blood stained blanket and put another one

I brought her back to the bed and wore her one of my shirt she slept immediately with a tear at the corner of her eyes

“I want you to know that I would never leave no matter what” i whispered into her ear and placed her head on my shoulder before dozing off.


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