SIX DAYS WITH A BAD GIRL … (18+) … Part 35



Romeo POV

I woke up the next morning with a hang over.
I looked around me,I was in my room

But how did I get here, the last thing I remember is me being drunk and banging on the door..

Did Julie brought me here?,. Gush my head

“Argh ” i groaned holding my head as the door cracked open it was Julie

She had a cup of coffee in her hand ,just what I needed at the moment

“Good morning romie,how was your night” she greeted avoiding eye contact with me.

” Morning ,my night was terrible” i said with an expressionless face

“Hmm here have this ,it will help relieve you of the pain” she said handing me a cup of coffee and some pills too

Eww I hate pills they smell terrible

“Thanks Julie ” i murmured

“It’s nothing she said trying not to laugh as she glance at me taking pills with a strong face

“What??” I asked with a raised eyebrow

“I know you hate pills but try not to make that silly face infront of anyone ever again” she scoffs

“Whatever” i said with an eye roll

We sat in an uncomfortable silence for a while before she breaks it

“Erm about what you saw yesterday, ! I didn’t kiss Steve intentionally ,he kissed me unaware” she mumbled playing with her fingers

“Why Are you telling me now” I asked

“Because you were so mad yesterday that you got drunk and started blabbing about something I don’t know” she said

“Huh really ?? But I don’t remember” I replied

“Wait you don’t remember what happened last night!! ” She asked

“Yes I don’t ,it’s blank if I try to force it my head starts to hurt” I said holding my head

Her faced changed to that of sadness when I said that

“What’s wrong ? You look down” I asked as I used my finger to raise her chin up

” It’s nothing am fine” she answered

Seeing those lips move I was tempted to kiss them.

I gently brought my face closer to hers and placed my lips on hers

I kissed her tenderly as she reciprocated
She encircled her arms around my neck as I sneak my hand through her waist as pulled her close

I started remembering every bit of what I said last night

OMG I love her for real?, I stopped the kiss as we tried to catch our breath

“Come here Julie” i said as I payed down and made her rest on my chest

I stroked her hair without saying anything to each other

I kissed her forehead lovingly

It then I realized how much I have loved her

My fear for love made me ignorance that I didn’t see the angel in human form

Looks like she is sleeping already

I bent slightly and whisper something into her ear

“Don’t worry kitten am gonna set everything right I promise ” i whispered then closed my eyes too

Maybe love isn’t sure a bad idea at all


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