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September 18, 2020

Cool Stories 22

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SIX DAYS WITH A BAD GIRL … (18+) … Part 29

4 min read



Romeo POV

I slapped my self for the fifth time, I can’t believe I took advantage of her ,

I kissed her without her permission,not now that I don’t know what I feel towards her anymore

How is she gonna see me now, .

I better go and apologize to her I don’t want her to get the wrong impression that I kissed her simply because I love her.

I wouldn’t want us to get hurt in the process.

Am a business man and I don’t know how to love at all

After pulling my clothes and taking a bathe I went downstairs to meet Julie watching TV and smiling to herself

How do I say this without hurting her feelings

“Hey erm Julie? Can I talk to you for a sec” I said and sat close to her

“Yeah sure what do you want to talk about” she asked as her face lighten up

“Actually it’s about what happened earlier,am sorry Julie I didn’t do that on purpose I just didn’t know what came over me,.am sorry but let’s just forget about it .it was a mistake it won’t happen again” I said

Her facial expressions changed drastically

And she ends up slapping me hard on the face,

“What’s wrong Romeo? Why do you keep hurting me huh what have I done to deserve this or is it a crime to love someone” she shouted at me as tears threatened to fall

“Listen Julie am sorry I didn’t mean to put it that way please listen to me” I try to said but she won’t hear of it

“Romeo am not a fool nor a gold digger but you keep treating me like one ,you claimed to be gay which I know you not just to push me away , believe me I never asked for this feeling it just developed on its own” he said hitting my chest and crying too

That was my first kiss Romeo ,the same kiss you called a mistake” she cried

I couldn’t say anything I don’t even know what to do

I drew her close and slammed my lips on hers she struggled free but later calmed down

I kissed her passionately as she deepen the kiss, I don’t know what is happening to me but there is something that keeps drawing me to her

I lifted her up as she encircled her legs around my torso.i dropped her on the couch

I kissed her like my life depends on it ,

She rocked my chest with her palm as I trailed kissses around her neck leaving enough Hickeys

She moan out loud and fondle with my hair, .

What are you doing to me Julie I can’t seem to control myself anymore

I kissed her bossom through her clothes and brought her b***B’s out

I sucked on the left one before giving equal justice to the other

She moan sweetly as my fingers traveled into her skirt to her v area

I teased her with my fingers a bit before driving it into her

Dammn she is tight ,she moan in discomfort

Wait ?? She is Virgin!!

I controlled myself immediately

“You a virgin??” I asked to satisfy my curiosity

She looked away shyly
I stood up from her but she hold me back

“Please do it Romeo” she pleaded

“No Julie am sorry I can’t take your virgin like this , please put on your clothes” i said and walked out

I can’t believe I almost disvirgined her,I can’t start to imagine how she is gonna see me after doing that.


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