SIBLINGS IN LOVE … (18+) … Part 8



‘I was sorry for what I said but now, I am angry. He dare to leave me and go home? Whatever, I’ll stay till the scheduled day. Yunno, girls and our pride. I wanted him to call me and beg me to come home. I am not even begging him again since he had the heart to hang up on me when I was crying and begging him’ I thought to myself.
But it’s all lies, am just trying to pretend like I don’t care, deep down I really wanted to have my brother back. I’ve not even rendered a heart felt apology to him. I was just frustrated, my thoughts keep going back and forth. Finally, I’ve bitten more than I can chew. For how long will he be miffed with me? Hope he doesn’t change totally? Will he ever forgive me?… All this thoughts was running through my head as I lay on my bed staring at the ceiling. I checked my phone over and over again but he’s not calling. I tried calling him several times and his number was unreachable, hope he has not blocked me from calling him?
“He’s not calling, he won’t call. Well done Ella, you’ve finally pushed your brother to the edge” I said to myself and started crying all over again, such a bad day!
That night, Mom called to check on us and to know if we’re still coming back on Friday. I said ‘yes’, I didn’t even tell her that Mike is on the way. We don’t ever take a night bus, but Mike did. Guess I must have irritated him a lot that he just wanted to go away from me through any possible means.
The next day, I didn’t stand up from my bed till 11am. I thought of what Mike said about Emmy and hoped that it wasn’t true. I quickly took my bath, ate and headed to Emmy’s hostel without informing him. I wanted to ask him again ‘Do you really love me? On opening the door, guess what I saw? Emmy kissing and unbuttoning one girl’s shirt on bed.
Oh my God! See heart attack, isn’t this the same idiot I fought Mike for? He didn’t even wait for me to reconcile with my brother before betraying me. Shit! Things just got messed up!
On sighting me, Emmy jumped out of the bed. ‘thought you went home this morning’, I didn’t even talk to him, I didn’t run away either, just stood there moping at him. The girl dressed up “Emeka you tried oh, you didn’t even lock the door” she said shamelessly and left. I didn’t recognize the girl’s face, I don’t think she’s a student in my school sef. Baba now started….
Emeka: Ella, I can explain.
I was too shocked to talk, my legs were just pinned to the ground.
Emeka : Am really sorry Ella, pls hear me out. It’s not what you think. I promise, I didn’t expect this to happen… Bla Bla Bla.
This is not where I should be right now.
Ella : Dog!… I finally said and turned to leave. But he held my hand…
Emeka : Ella pls..
Ella : Don’t touch me
Emeka : Am so sorry Ella, pls I really love you. Don’t go pls, hear me out”…. Still trying to hold me back
Ella : I said don’t touch me!!.. I hit him so hard on the head that he fell down. I didn’t care, he can die if he wants to. He’s definitely the least of my worries right now.
Weirdly, I didn’t cry. I just went straight to my hostel and started packing my stuff, I am leaving with the first Okeyson bus tomorrow morning.

What do you think? That am really a bastard; maybe you’re right, maybe you’re wrong.
Well yes, what I did was wrong and I am really sorry for it. As yunno, I am a player.. Quite right! But you don’t expect me to change over night. Someone’s got to change me and that person is the woman I love. I’ve had other girlfriends before Ella. The truth is, I didn’t really start dating Ella because I loved her, I realized that she has a crush on me so I decided to take advantage of it. After coming closer to her, I came to love her for real. I really wanted to be a faithful boyfriend but girls wouldn’t let me be. Temptation na temptation and I couldn’t resist it. That girl who just left now is one of my exes, she’s been calling me to meet and I made it clear to her that I was no longer interested in her. She came all the way from PH just for sex, to me I thought just this last time but the devil just gave me a big blow now. Some girls na Ogbanje!
I guess God is finally punishing me for breaking a lot of girls’ heart. Nevertheless of what you think of me, I’ll make sure to get Ella back no matter what. Finally, Am really in love but how do I go about it?

I arrived home just before noon. Oh, thank God for a safe journey. Mom and Dad are at home. …..
Mom: Oh my God, my dear son…. Mom hugged me affectionately
Dad: Welcome son
Mike : Tnkx Dad
Mom: Where’s Ella?…looking around
Mike : She didn’t come with me.
Dad: Why? She’s not through with exams?
Mike : She is. She’ll come back on Friday
Mom: So you left her or what? Were you guys not suppose to come together on Friday.
Mike : I left her, she can come on her own nah
Mom: What’s that one supposed to mean? You even took a night bus, why?
Mike: Mom pls am tired, shouldn’t you be glad I arrived safely? Looks like you’re not happy to see me.
Mom : Of course I am, but you shouldn’t have left your your sister, I kept her under your care but you abandoned her and started coming home. Is that something to be proud of?
Mike… raising my voice….”Mom plsssss, Ella said she’s grown up and can do whatever she wants. She said to let her do as she pleases and pretend like I don’t know her. She’s not ready to come home so I had to leave her behind cox I missed you so much, is that too much of a crime?.. realised myself… “am sorry for raising my voice on you” I added. Dad who has been observing everything signalled Mom to just let me be.
Dad: Mike, I think you should go get some rest ok. Welcome home my son.
Mom: ….heaves… You should probably sleep. I will make something for you ok
Mike: OK.. I replied and started going to my room, on my way …
Dad: They had a fight, trust me
Mom: Even at that, he shouldn’t have left her behind
Dad: Mike never leaves her behind. If there’s only one thing I love him for, it’s his unfailing love and care for Ella. I love the way he relates with his younger sister.
Mom: I wonder what happened
Dad: What else, women and their sharp mouth🙄
Mom: And that one’s mouth will be running like tap water
Dad: 🤣🤣🤣 like mother like…. Ah! me am hungry oh
Mom: Complete that thing you wanted to say
Dad: I’ve forgotten how they used to say it
Mom: Honey, better oh
They both laughed. Even at this age, Mom and Dad still laugh and joke. My best couples award goes to them and they understand each other so well. I just love their chemistry.
When I woke up later, I had a sumptuous meal prepared by Mom.

We went for midweek service. When we returned, Mom told me to go to her drawer and bring her travelling documents. She wanted to travel to Ghana the next day for her friend daughter’s wedding ceremony. She said that she’ll be back in two weeks time. She made different species of food and stored in the fridge. I went to her wardrobe, they were many other documents as well tho the one she asked me to bring was just on top but I decided to look into the other ones. I saw their marriage certificate, my date of birth came before her marriage. I was confused, did Mom give birth to me before getting married to Dad? Hope that is my real father? I took it to go and meet her for clarification. I hurriedly put the other ones back into the drawer but one fell out. Twas a certificate from orphanage home. It certifies that Emmanuel Amadi was adopted by Mr and Mrs Adams on 3rd February 2000 from Real women foundation(an orphanage home). The date of birth of Emmanuel Amadi and mine are the same thing. I was shocked, just then Mom came in ‘Miguel what’s taking you so… She stopped on seeing me with the papers. “Mom what’s this?, I asked with trembling hands…. 😭


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