SIBLINGS IN LOVE … (18+) … Part 7



Ella and Miguel are the only kids given birth to by Mr and Mrs Adams. They are not rich but a capital letter of COMFORTABLE will be very much appreciated. Their father is an accountant while their Mom own a Cosmetics / Provisions store not very far from their house, in front of the street. Mr Adams drives a Lexus while Mrs Adams drives a Toyota Camry.
Ella and Miguel are in their second year at the university of Nigeria Nsukka. Mike is just a year older than Ella, he had to rewrite his jamb that’s why he’s in 200L with his sister.
Mike so much loves his sister that he could do anything within his reach to make her happy. Right from childhood he doesn’t let go of any guy who hurts his one and only sister, Ella. He would say “I am the only guy permitted to make her drop tears, any other guy I’ll beat to death” and he had tried keeping it that way since childhood. He fights any guy who hurts Ella in any form, if the guy is older than him, he’ll surely find a way to get back at him.
Ella is not left out as well, she loves her brother just as much.
Ella’s best friend is Chommy, on one occasion Ella had gone out of the campus with her friend in the evening to buy pizza, on her way back, she was kidnapped by Omolala’s gang. Omolala is a very notorious student who sleeps with lecturers to earn her grades. She’s a cultist as well. Her boyfriend Jasper had picked interest in Ella but she politely declined. No girl dares to decline Jasper’s proposal because he’s a carpoon of one of the most deadly cult in school but Ella did due to the fact that Jasper is in the same department with Mike and Mike is actually the one who writes his exams for him. After discovering that Ella is Miguel’s sister he stopped bothering her for a relationship with him instead he became friendly with her and treated her like a junior sister. Omolala who was jealous of her boyfriend getting close to Ellie kidnapped her just a week to their exams. She kept Ella in her custody for two days and beat her to pulp. Ella’s body was bruised all over. If you think that omolala is obsessed with jasper, then you’re right.
On the other hand, Mike has been looking for Ella after being informed by a fellow student who had seen Ella and Chommy struggling with the goons that evening before she was kidnapped and Chommy beaten up. His name was Danjuma, a Hausa boy. Jasper who has been absent from school for the past three days came to school immediately he heard that Ella’s been kidnapped.
Thanks to Chommy and Danjuma who could recognize some of the faces, that was when they realized that Omolala is the brain behind the kidnap.
Miguel, Emeka (Miguel’s best friend), Danjuma, Chommy and Jasper all set out in search of Ella’s whereabouts.
Jasper was the one leading since omolala was his woman, he knew where she might be keeping Ella. He took them to six hideouts but they couldn’t find them. Mike cried for the first time since his sister disappeared. He cried alot, so much like a baby. Jasper decided to take them to the last hideout which was only known to him and omolala. Twas a big mansion built in a centre of a thick forest, twas that place that omolala and Jasper met for the first time.
…Omolala was a good girl who advised her Mom remarry when thongs became hard for her Mom in her ss3. Her Dad died when she was little so she was raised by a single mom. Her Mom took the advice and got married to a very wealthy man who was interested in her. When she was about to give birth, her husband sent her abroad to deliver the baby. Twas just omolala and her step father at home cox she was waiting for admission. Her stepfather raped her, took her phone and sent her out of the house cox she threatened to tell her Mom whenever she returned. She had to sleep under the bridge, that night she was raped again by three guys who doesn’t even know their faces. One woman saved her life and took care of her till she recovered.
She gave her five thousand naira and sent her away. The woman couldn’t carter for her because she was a single mom with four kids so advised her to never give up on life. Omolala became a house maid, she was there when the news of her mom’s arrival came to her. She was so happy that she went to see her Mom but her mother sent her away and told her never to appear in front of her again. She said she regretted the day she gave birth to her, that was how she lost her Mom. Till date, she still can’t comprehend what happened, why her mom who loved her so much treated her like trash? She still doesn’t know what she was told about her when she returned from America. Still, omolala didn’t give up on life. But then she was kidnapped and kept in this house at the middle of the forest for 2 good years, she and some other girls were forced to serve as call girls to the rich men who always gathered there. That was when she got initiated against her wish into cultism. One day, there was an argument between them all. Their men started shooting and killing each other, only omolala and Jasper survived that shoot out. That was when they dug up the old man’s money (the real owner of this house) and enrolled into the university.
While in her custody, Ella tried to make friends with omolala, she taught her that she could do more better than this. She could still return to the sweet girl whom was loved by everyone. She can still command respect without hurting anyone or belonging to any secret society. She told her not to her not to hide her pain. “How do you expect pain to leave you when you don’t feel it so it can leave you? Let it hurt you, Let it drain you, let it destroy you. For only after your destruction will you rebuild an extraordinary masterpiece of your soul and say I owe all that I am to myself, so go ahead and crumble, don’t hide your pain, cry and pour out your heart. For if I tell you that that your story is not painful, then I am inhumane” she advised omolala after hearing her story. Omolala changed her mind and decided to release Ella but then the guys arrived with jasper. She held a gun Ella’s throat and threatened to kill her if any of them came closer to her .
Jasper threw a dagger at her hand, she yelled in pain and let go of Ella. Omolala stood up and tried shooting Ella who was already in Miguel’s arms but Jasper dived in and took the shot. Lala screamed, she was pained. They couldn’t take him to the hospital cuz his name was on the blacklist and they didn’t want to get arrested by the police. She tried treating him herself just like she always does each time some people get injured during their operations.
They were all worried for jasper, luckily he woke up twice the next day.
For the first time in years, omolala apologized to Ellie. She regretted abducting and making her suffer. The next day she flew out of the country with jasper for a proper treatment while the rest returned to school.

A week to end of the exams, Emeka proposed to Ellie to be his girlfriend and she accepted. She kept it a secret from her brother cuz she promised him that she won’t have another boyfriend after Daniel broke up with her.
Ella started dating at the age of fourteen, she has dated many guys while Mike has never dated anyone before.
Ella is nineteen while Mike is twenty years old, Momma told them that Mike was just four months old when she became pregnant with Ella.
Mike later discovered that Ella was dating his friend secretly, he wasn’t happy with it. Twas when he realized that he was in love with his sister and just wants to have her all to himself. He opposed the relationship but Ella said alot of mean things to him, a whole lot. Mike was hurt, he took a night bus the next day and went home without Ella. For the first time, he went home alone from school without Ella.
Ella called and begged him in tears to come back but Mike was already gone. She felt bad, she regretted everything she said to him, Mike didn’t deserve any of it…….


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