SIBLINGS IN LOVE … (18+) … Part 6



I was in my room two days ago playing Ludo game when Danjuma came shouting my name from the outside. I was angry cox twas already late, I thought to myself ‘why on earth is this boy shouting my name by this time of the day? So, I ran outside followed by my roommates. Danjuma was panting, which made me realize that he ran all the way to my hostel….
Mike: Herdsman wetin happen?… I used to call him herdsman cox he’s a Hausa boy.
Danjuma : Ella.. Ella… Ella.. He stammered
Miguel : Ella what? Guy calm down and talk to me. What about Ella?
Danjuma : Do you know where Ella is right now?
Miguel: Shouldn’t she be in her hostel?
Danjuma : No oooh
Emeka: Then where is she?
Miguel : Did something happen to her?
That was when he told me that he was coming back from his brother’s shop (one abokki that sells suya) and saw Ella and Chommy struggling with some guys. The only person he recognized was Inyang, a student in 100L.
Immediately after the news, I ran to the spot he had seen them earlier, but I couldn’t find my Ellie. I searched around, I saw just her purse, phone and pizza lying on the floor. I started shouting her name Ellie! Ellie! Ellie! Hoping that she answers me, but no.. She didn’t.
Just then someone called my name “Miguel! I turned around, twas Chommy. She was crying profusely, sweating and had bruises on her face too. She ran into my arms still crying …
Miguel : Chommy what happened? Who did this to you?
Chommy : Believe me Miguel, we tried. We tried really hard. We struggled with them for a long time. We fought them. If only you guys came a minute earlier they wouldn’t have, cox am just returning from chasing their car… She cried
Miguel : Which car? Which people?
Emeka: Pls can you tell us what happened here?
Chommy : Miiiiiguel… She was still crying, her voice was shaking. I got scared, let it not be what am thinking.
Miguel : Where’s Ellie?
Chommy: Those guys, those guys, they took her away. She’s been kidnapped!
Miguel and Emeka: What?
…she dropped the bombshell. I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t want to believe it.
Chommy squat down, with her face in her hands, she was crying. I didn’t say anything. I just walked, Yea I walked.. Like a dead man. Oh! the shock of it, the thought of it, sent cold shivers down my spine. I had many questions running through my head. But the major one was WHERE IS ELLIE?

I couldn’t sleep that night. Why would I sleep when I dunno if my sister is sleeping or dead? When I dunno if she have eaten or not? When I dunno how much pain she was in? No matter the the situation she was in, I just knew that she wasn’t ok. Am very sure of that. The next day I searched everywhere I could but couldn’t find Ellie. Chommy was receiving treatment in the school clinic so I didn’t want to disturb her. Emeka kept assuring me that everything will be fine, I so much wanted to believe that too.
Tears wasn’t coming or was I fighting it?
Well I dunno but I haven’t cried since my sister disappeared. Deep down, I felt like my heart was going to rip apart.
Lectures??? Who cares! Not when I refused to study abroad because I wanted to attend the same school with my sister so I could protect her from bad boys… But look, I failed. I failed to protect her. Tho I did go to class to ask if anyone saw Ellie but no one did. Danjuma and Emeka also helped alot.
I waited for the kidnappers to call, all to no avail.
Around 4pm that day, Chommy woke up. We went to check on her …
Miguel : How are you feeling?
Chommy : Better. Found her?
Miguel : Nope. No call, nothing nothing
Emeka: Danjuma said he saw Inyang, the first year student among them, right?
Danjuma: Yes, that’s true
Emeka: Chommy do you by chance recognize any of them?
Chommy :…..thinks…yes, yes, yes, I do
Miguel :…shifted closer… Who are they?
Chommy : I don’t know their names but am sure that the person responsible for it is Omolala
Miguel, Emeka and Danjuma:Goddess?
Chommy : Yes, am sure. Very sure.
Emeka: Then, part one solved. Let’s go
Danjuma : To where? You wan fight occultist boys?…but no one listened to him. We rushed out and he came running behind us. Chommy came running as well, she already removed the chemotherapy attached to her wrist. I tried to make her stay but she wouldn’t listen at all. We went to the school management to report, then we headed out to the police station. I wonder if they can help sef. Nigeria police na just Kpoo.
I haven’t called my parents cox I was scared and also hoped to find her. Earlier on, when I went to report to the school and they asked of my parents phone number so they could inform them… I gave them a wrong number.
Just as we reached the gate, I saw Jasper’s car coming. He halted on sighting us, he came out of his car and rushed to me “Xup guy? Wey Ella nah? Wetin happen? He asked. Jasper has been absent in school for the past three days. I think his boys just informed him about Ella’s disappearance and he came running. I grabbed his collar..
Mike: if anything happens to Ellie, I won’t spare you
Jasper: Woah woah woah, calm down buddy. Nothing go happen, but why you dey hold me nah?
Emeka: Omolala took her
Jasper : Lala? Dat girl dey craze oh. So she later do am.
Mike: So you knew?.. He jerked my hand off his collar and said..
Jasper: Na my woman and I know what she is capable of, ah been dey suspect her sha.
…he enterd his car and beckoned on us to do same. We entered the car but he didn’t take us to the police station, when I asked him, he said that we can’t report to the police else he’ll be arrested. He took us to one house and handed guns and dagger to us…
Mike: do we need guns to fight a girl?
Emeka: Na wetin ah been wan ask oh
Jasper: If you no take am, goddess go dig your heart give you chop
Miguel : Funny, real funny, so a girl will beat us up?
Jasper: Goddess no be any kind girl oh
Moreover, where ever dem dey now, they should be up to 20 guys guarding the area
Danjuma: So, you mean say you no know where dem dey sef?
Jasper: Cow, we go find dem. See as your body dey shake
Danjuma : why e no go shake when we dey 11 dem born us, na only me dem send school oh. You wan kee me?
Chommy : …laughs.. Let’s go. We left with 12 other people, 3 girls and nine boys including Chommy, Jasper, Danjuma, Emeka and I, a total of 17.

Through out that night, no sleep. Went from one hideout to another looking for Ellie. We’ve been to six hide outs now but didn’t see her, we were sitting in front of the sixth hideout on top of the cars. Their hideouts ehn na something else, that was when I realized that Jasper is so deadlier than I thought.
It’s been two days now, I couldn’t take it anymore, twas heartbreaking. Finally I cried, I cried, I so cried like a baby, Ellie! Pls where are you? I fell to my knees, I was devastated, I welled. I screamed Ella’s name in tears….how much I missed her! Jasper told them to just let me cry, so no body consoled me. I just let the tears flow, no big boy stuff, no shyness, they pitied me so much that they cried too. What do I tell my mom? Which explanation do I give to Dad? Hope Ella is still alive? For even tho I knew who was holding her captive, I knew not where she was. I thought of what I would do Omolala ‘if’ I find them but there was nothing I could do. The only thing I wanted was to beat her till her life is remaining only 1MB but I can’t even do that, cox I don’t beat girls. Momma said never to raise hands on any girl for any reason, especially not because of Ella. She should be able to handle her fellow girls… She advised.
I’ve never raised my hand on any girl before, whenever she has problems with her fellow girls, I let her handle it herself cox I taught her well.
While I was still crying…
Jasper: guys, guys, there’s still another place.
Chommy : Another place? Why have you not taken us there nah
Jasper: Cox I wanted to be sure. Na only me and her sabi dah place. If she no dey for any of this places wey we don go now, trust me she go dere dia.
That was how we left to the last hide out, with me praying to find her there while jasper is confident that she will be there. It was a long drive compared to the previous ones. We drove into a tiny road leading to the forest, no houses, just trees… We kept driving into the heart of the forest.
Finally we arrived in front of a mansion, it had no gate so we drove in. Some of the guys guarding outside bowed down to jasper while the rest tried to fight us but was killed right there in front of me. I didn’t kill oh, ah didn’t touch anybody sef. Twas Jasper and those twelve guys, they lined up in front, shooting them while Emeka, Chommy, Danjuma and I hid behind them, seven of the guys with us died.. Such a bloody scene!
We got inside, jasper led us to the room underground. We fought with the guys there, I fought too but I didn’t kill anyone, just injured them badly. Yea, the dagger did help.
Jasper kicked the door so hard that it came crashing down. And there was my sister, dirty, bruised, tattered and weak. Am so proud of her, so so proud of her for staying alive, for struggling with them in the beginning and best of all, for waiting patiently for me. On sighting us, Omolala grabbed Ella and pointed a dagger to her throat. Just as the remaining five guys that came with us entered, she pulled out a gun and shot them, all five of them. D–n it! Her shooting skill is mad.. Tho one of the bullets nearly got my ear….
Mike : Ellie! Ellie! Pls don’t worry I’ll get you outta here, I promise.
Ella : ….crying …’Mike pls stay there, don’t come closer. She turned to Lala ‘Omolala we can handle this pls, you were about to let me go. Just do that and everything will be fine’.
Omolala : “I’ve changed my mind, just now”.
Jasper was trying to make her drop the gun but she refused. I tried moving closer to her but she warned me not to else she will shoot Ella.
Jasper suddenly threw a dagger at the hand she was using to hold Ella, the thing got her wrist. …Almost close to Ella’s throat, risky move. Omolala screamed in pain and let go of Ella as she ran into my arms. She shot at Ella but ended up shooting….. WHO??? 🤷‍♂


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