SIBLINGS IN LOVE … (18+) … Part 5



Yea, you guessed right. The mastermind is no other person than Omolala. I’m absolutely not surprised about her being the kidnapper but I can’t believe she actually did yunno. I was thinking of what would become my fate, “oh God save me” I prayed in my heart.
She walked in with a cigarette in her mouth.
Omolala: ‘Yoh b—h, you awake?
Ella: So it’s you
Omolala: Are you hungry?
Ella: Get me outta here you bastard!
Omolala : Calm down bby, you have to eat cox I won’t go easy on you.
Ella: Like seriously? You called me a scaredy cat but you hired men to kidnap me and even tied me to a chair, aren’t you the scared one?
Omolala : Nope, am the boss lady so my boys only had to do what they’ve got to do
Ella: Boss lady ko, boss lady nii.
Omolala : you really have mouth, don’t you? Well, lemme allow you talk now cox your mouth might not be able to make a sound very soon.. She smiled
Ella: Of course I’ll talk, you think am scared of you? You only tied my hands and legs but not my mouth so why won’t I talk. Let go of me!…..she brought her sit closer to me.
Alright guys, am really scared, so scared that my bones are shivering. Am inside this house built at the center of a forest if am not mistaken. And right in front of me is sitted a monster. But then am not willing to beg her, if she could have the heart to kidnap me then begging her is a waste of time. Not pleading with her is the last shred of dignity I have in me right now tho I’d do that if it would work but it probably wouldn’t, Don’t you think? …
Ella: Omolala let go of me now!
Omolala : Stop shouting Huni, no matter how you scream no one will hear your voice. Moreover, why would I abduct you and let go of you just like that. Abi your face go help me win lottery?
Ella : When I get out of here, I promise to make your soul shiver in pain”. ….I was crying by now, crying.
Omolala : Really? So when are you leaving?
Ella : Mike will find me, someone has to find me”
Omolala : Sure, probably after you’re long dead…She giggled
“Monster, zombie, Prostitude, bastard, let go of me! I yelled in frustration. She drew her mouth closer and started kissing me, eeeww that’s so gross! I bit her lips and she replied with a hard slap on my face. So this is it, she’s a bisexual. I couldn’t believe it
Ella: Just what heck are you doing to me? I spat on her face and she gave me another slap.
Omolala : Shut up! If you want to leave this place then you must do as I say ok
Ella : Nope, am not doing that, never!
Omolala : Are you blind? Is your brain malfunctioning? Can’t you see that you have no choice other than to do as I say?
…by now I was crying bitterly, you didn’t know did you? I might have had several boyfriends but I never let any of them touch me, that also was one of the reasons why they left. And now, she wants to turn me into a lesbian. Do you know that feeling? I guess not. Yunno we girls have mouth, despite all the beatings I refused to give in and was still whining mouth. But now, am willing to plead, so willing to plead.
Omolala started tearing my clothes…
Ella: Omolala pls am sorry, pls don’t, omolala pls don’t, pls am begging you in the name of whatever you owe your greatest respect to, pls don’t do this to me” I pleaded in tears.
I dunno know if she was touched or not but she stopped. She asked me if her boys should rape me or she should sleep with me, I said none of the above.
Omolala :….. stood up and kicked her chair, then she grabbed my cheeks “then you’re going to remain here till the exams are over! I didn’t say anything but did you notice something? Her English is fluent and correct. All this while, she’s been talking to me in correct English not pidgin, no slangs. Yunno people seem to forget themselves or what they want people to see them as when they are free or alone. Look it’s just me and her inside this room, and this place is her hide out. So, she feels free here. You remember when I pleaded with her not to touch me she actually listened to me tho twas indirectly. Omolala rarely speaks correct English in the campus, always pidgin and slangs to make people fear her.

Then it hit me, nobody was born bad. Am sure there’s an untold story about this girl. So I decided to blackmail her, yes I said blackmail, just hope I do it fine.
“you used to be a good girl Omolala”, I started. She was almost out but she stopped and looked at me…..

Ella : “yes you, you’re not as bad as you pretend to be. The real you or should I say the former you was a very sweet girl whom everyone loved..
Omolala: don’t talk shit
Ella : yunno it’s not shit, it’s true. But then you decided to change, you changed completely. The former you is better than the later, believe me.You have a pain which nobody cares about and you’re not happy with it. Am not asking you to tell me, cox I won’t even listen.
Omolala : why am I even listening to your bull shit?..she turned to leave. I knew it, I am making a point but how do I go about it now? I thought to myself. Just as she turned to go, I continued. Now I didn’t continue because I want her to feel bad and let me go, right now I am really interested in her story so I decided to probe on..
Ella: How do you expect pain to leave you if you do not feel it so it can leave you?
Omolala : I said shut up! …She held her head as she screamed. She came to me, “what? What? What? What do you want to hear? Just what do want from me??..she was breathing heavily
Can you imagine, the one holding me captive is asking me what I want from her?
Now I pitied her small.
Ella: “Let it hurt you. Let it drain you. Let it destroy you. For only after your destruction will you rebuild an extraordinary masterpiece of your soul and say I OWN ALL THAT I AM! So go ahead, crumble, feel the pain, don’t fight it”.
Omolala: You done talking? Now shut up
Ella: “I know you miss the old you, you do know that the former you is better….
She dragged my hair and shouted shut up, shut up, shut up! You don’t know anything. Nothing at all!
Ella : Ouch my hair, you can talk me. I promise to listen, even help you if I can.
Omolala : Ion need ya help. Guys!.. She called out. Beat her up.. She instructed and rushed out. I recognize some of them, almost all of them are from my school.
They beat me ehn, oh God. I was beaten to pulp. I refused to eat any food. By now I was vomiting blood, so weak and bruises all over my body. Oh my fine skin! Mom used say “Ella be mindful of potholes to avoid falling, so you won’t end up with scars when you grow up”. As a result of mom’s care for her daughter’s beauty, I didn’t have up to 5 scars on my body as of yesterday but now, it’s uncountable just hope it’s not permanent. Wait, am I mad to be thinking of my skin in such situation? ..definitely.
I didn’t see Ella again through out that day till the next day next in the evening. And don’t forget that exams is fast approaching, just in five days time.

Omolala came in with a tray of food. Fried rice and chicken, Hollandia yoghurt, canned water. And a first aid kit, she sent the boys out….
Omolala :Hey
Ella : …no response
Omolala : you have to eat something
Don’t forget am still tied to the chair, am very weak, so am not going to waste the little strength I have talking to her. She untied me, oh finally!
Omolala: I brought you food, eat something.
Ella : …cleared my throat, “am making it easier for you to kill me, so why bother? I said weakly
Omolala: smiled “you haven’t changed at all”
Ella: Am not the type to change”…she came closer and tried to clean my face, I shook my head. She tried again, I still refused.
Omolala: Calm down lemme clean your face, I won’t eat you”. But I still refused
Ella : you made me like this, so enjoy the site of it ok?
She closed the kit, ate the food small and said “you see, it’s not poisoned”
I really wanted to eat cox I was famished but I don’t even have the strength to. Will she feed me? Well if she’ll, then I’ll eat.Just as if she was reading my mind she took the spoon with food in it trying to feed me. I stared at her for some seconds, collected the spoon from her and started eating. I was really rushing the food. After a few minutes of silence, she spoke..
“yunno I used to be a very good girl. My Dad died when I was little so twas just my Mom taking care of me. She loved me alot”. By now I was done eating, didn’t finish it cox I became tired of eating. So, what happened? I asked
Omolala: “things became very hard when I was about to write my senior waec. You don’t know I was the S.P, did you?
Ella : Well, that’s a surprise
Omolala : I know right? I asked her to remarry cuz twas heartbreaking toiling all night to make ends meet. They was this man disturbing her to marry him, so I told her to marry him since she loved him, and she did” I am fully interested to hear her story
“The man happened to be rich so he sent my Mom abroad when she was about to give birth and twas the same period I was waiting for admission so twas just my stepfather and I… He raped me”
Ella : what?
Omolala: “yes, he raped me, when he came again and I still refused him, he seized my phone and sent me out of the house. I had no where to go cuz he was based in Port Harcourt while I grew up in Osun, so I was kinda stranded. I had to sleep under the bridge. That night three other guys who I still don’t know raped me again…
Ella : raped again?
Omolala: Yea, guys forcing themselves on you. Isn’t that rape?
Ella : that’s true
Omolala : “the following day,.. She continued.. I couldn’t walk but I managed to crawl out. One woman took me to her house and nursed me till I got better. She sent me away with five thousand naira, she said she was sorry but can’t take care of me since she had four children to take of on her own. She said she couldn’t let me die due to her conscience and encouraged me not to give up on life”
Ella: Eeiya
Omolala : don’t eeiya me, do I look that pathetic?
Ella : 🙄🙄🙄
Omolala : well, I left there. I later became a house maid. I was there when I heard that my mom is back. I went to see her but she asked me to leave. Even till today, I dunno why she did that. I lost my mom and her love cox I could see hatred in her eyes when she said never to appear in front of her again. I mean till now that am talking to you, I still don’t know what she was told that made her behave that way with me” by now she was crying. I could feel her pain.
” later on, I found out that I gained admission but couldn’t further cox I had no money to, mom was my only hope. I was kidnapped and kept in here for two years” She wiped her tears
Ella : where?
Omolala : here that we’re both sitted in right now, I was initiated against my wish. That was how I became a cultist. Do you really think that I built a mansion in the middle of a forest for that matter.
Ella :seriously? You don’t mean it
Omolala : It’s unbelievable Huh? That’s why I never told anyone my story cox I didn’t want to look like a lunatic. A man in his early seventies owned this house. He belonged to a secret cult with other rich men who always gathered here while I and other girls served as call girls. Until one day, They had a misunderstanding, they was a shoot out.
Ella : if you stayed here for two years and no one found you, should I consider myself dead?
Omolala : someone knows that you’re here and will find you if he wants to
Ella :who?
Omolala : Jasper, this was where we first met. Only jasper and I survived that shoot out
Ella :Seriously ?
Omolala : yea, twas after he died that we dug up his money and enrolled in school. I sleep with men cox I want the money to further my education but I really love him alot
Ella : I really have nothing going on between me and jasper.
Omolala :I know
Ella : really?
Omolala : ….she looked at me from hair to toe “you’re really a mess but I won’t apologise ” she stood up “get ready, you’ll be going backto school tonight ”
Ella : shouldn’t you be scared of what will happen when people find out that you’re responsible for my disappearance?
Omolala: that’s something for me to worry about.
……but twas too late. We heard noise from the door side, both of us looked that direction. Someone hit the door so hard that it came crashing down .
Behold Miguel, Jasper, Emeka, Chommy and Danjuma..🤗


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