SIBLINGS IN LOVE … (18+) … Part 4



Omolala came to warn me to stay away from Jasper. Jasper is actually her boyfriend and everyone knows that, despite the fact that she sleeps around with men. Even Jasper sleeps around with girls and that’s why I think they’re just perfect for each other. When I came back, Jasper said he was interested in me which I turned him down. Why would I date a deadly capon like jasper, I never will. He’s very popular in the campus, girls hardly say no to him for the fear of being beaten up by his gang. But I said no without fear, yunno why?
Cuz I don’t like like him, he’s not my type of guy, the last thing I would ever do is to date a cultist but I do try to maintain a cordial relationship with them for some protection yunno and because I confided in Mike, that was when I realized that Mike actually helps him with the exams since they were in the same department (Accounting) so he possibly can’t hurt me else Mike will never help him out again.
Mike is not a bad guy but he has bad and good guys in his friends list. His best friend is Emeka, my craziest and longtime crush. If I and Emeka don’t know where Mike is then no one else knows.

Omolala slapped my left cheek, I was surprised
I sprang to my feet
Ella:Omorara Wetin nah, unto which level? Why would you slap me? I asked in bewilderment.
Omolala :I slapped you because I don’t want to ever see you with my man again
I might have rejected Jasper’s offer to be his girlfriend but that doesn’t mean that we’re enemies. We actually chat and laugh sometimes, especially after he discovered that I am Miguel’s younger sister, he started treating me well. So, I guess she misunderstood or jealous? whatever!
Ella: you mean Jasper? He’s not my boyfriend
Chommy: Omo are OK?
Omolala : shut up!… At Chommy
Chommy : Oh please
Omolala : referring to Ella ‘do I look like I care what you have to say? Which one is Ella, Ella all the time? You dey craze?
Ella: with a calmed voice like I feel remorseful ‘am really sorry’
Omolala : Well he can’t possibly be your Bf, not when am still here. Gal, make him stay away from you. You’re stealing my vibes, many now thinks some stupid girl can snatch my man from me. E no fit happen nah… Looking down on me.. ‘Lala is not to be messed with oh, no say ah no warn you’ she said holding her ears
Ella: I swear, I promise, it won’t happen again’. …She turned to leave
Chommy : Ella??.. Chommy was looking at me like ‘kilode?I signalled her to be calm and I sat down. Omolala came back to Chommy, peering into her eyes she asked What? Were you expecting her to do something? She’s a scaredy cat, It has always been that stupid brother of hers that gives her mouth to talk, but now he’s not here and She can’t Possibly do anything even if he’s here, right Ella? She mocked. I nodded in agreement.
No, no, no, now I don’t like this. Mike, my brother, stupid? Hmm hmm am not taking that, not at all!
Just as she was about to leave again, I tripped her down. ‘oh! My bad’ I stood up, she did same from the floor, now we were standing face to face. ….
Omolala: what the heck was that for? She asked with rage
Ella: For that b—h’ I pointed behind her. She looked behind, just as she as turned with the ‘who’ look, I slapped her face.
You should know there’s difference between slapping the cheek and slapping the face. If yunno yunno! Omolala was flabbergasted..
Omolala : are you mad?
Ella: “Nope, am drunk. So, you really think that you could slap me for no reason and leave with an apology from me? I drew my mouth closer to her ear ‘I only apologized to my Ex boyfriends even when they’re wrong cox I wanted them to stay but they all ended up leaving anyway’ I whispered into her ear.
I’m very angry right now, some students was already gathering around us while Chommy just laughed. I hate it when she laughs in such situations but she’s a jolly type, she can laugh you to stupor and that’s one thing I love about her too tho it can be annoying sometimes. Omolala is really dangerous to fight with, but I don’t care anymore.
I faced her again, looking at her eyeball to eyeball “you should have just left while I was still being nice, when the spirit of good girlism was still in me. What were you thinking when I said I’m sorry it won’t happen? Why couldn’t you realize that all I wanted was peace? Just who do you think you are to refer to Mike as stupid?
Listen up babe, even if your Poppa f–k your Mom a hundred times you can’t have a a brother like Mike! Shey you grab?
Scaredy cat? Cultist? (I scoffed) Like I care!
I might be afraid of a guy but not some b—h who has boobs and p—y and was produced as a result of unprotected sex just like me ok?” ….I stared into her eyes for answers but she didn’t say anything but was just looking at me like ‘keep talking’ so I continued talking “the next time you call my brother stupid will be the last time your lips make a sound” I warned her sternly. Surprisingly, Omolala didn’t say anything neither did she slap me back. She just looked at my left side, looked at me, smiled wickedly and said ‘Alright’ then she stormed out. That was weird, the lala I know doesn’t give up so easily. I looked at my left side, Mike, Jasper and Emeka were standing there. I guess Jasper must have signalled her not to lay finger on me so she had to respect the boss against her wish.

Exam is around the corner, it’s been two weeks since the incident between I and Omolala occurred. I haven’t seen her in class either. Well, that’s normal. Sometimes she doesn’t show up in school for a whole month sef. I seem to have forgotten about our fight too. This evening I visited Mike, we chatted and laughed alongside his roommates just as usual while Emeka smiled at me all through.. That’s rare and Sweet !
I went out with Chommy to buy pizza. Twas on our way back that Chommy was beaten up and I was kidnapped by some goons, I think twas around 9.00pm.

The next day I woke up tied to a chair, my whole body was aching me. I thought ‘what’s happening? Where am I? Just what on earth am I doing here tied to a chair? Just then the memories of yesterday night came back and I started shouting ‘Who’s there and what do you want from me? No one answered but I kept on screaming. Someone said ‘I hate noise makers pls! That voice, yea the voice. I think I recognize it.

Just then, the mastermind walked in.
Who is the mastermind?


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