SIBLINGS IN LOVE … (18+) … Part 3



I was so happy when Mike and I reconciled yesterday. Am really gonna try my best to keep my promise. Since we’re on a long drive to school, I think this is the right time to tell you more about my family…

****** My name is Ella Adams, second child and only daughter of the Adams. We’re from the Igbo tribe but lives in Lagos. I have an only brother who can walk through hell just for me and still be an angel.
Mike is just a year older than me, Mom said Mike was only three months old when she became pregnant with me. Lol.. That’s hilarious. Mom said she was advised by some of her friends and relatives to abort me but she refused, if not dem for flush me out oh. Awwwn that’s so sweet!

Well, you already know about my dad’s occupation. My Mom sales provision/cosmetics in front of our street. A very big shop actually, she’s more of a wholesaler and retailer at a time. My family can’t be classified as Rich but a capital letter of COMFORTABLE will be much appreciated. Yea, we’re comfortable. Dad drives a Lexus while Mom drives a Toyota Camry. We live in a four bedroom flat, each rooms has a bathroom and toilet i.e Mom&Dad, Mike, mine and guest room. Dad is busy most of the time but that doesn’t stop him from spending time with us, he was actually the one who dropped us at the park with a goodbye kisses on our foreheads.
He’s a very responsible man, permit me to say that I have the best parents in the world. Our school fees has already been paid and some cash transferred into our bank accounts. I am actually wearing the top which I stole from Dad ‘tapping things yunno’.
You must be curious about my age, well am 19 while Mike is 20, we’re both in second year (different departments tho) cox Mike’s first jamb score was low so here we are… Together! We attend UNN not very far from my village Ebonyi, so Dad comes to visit us whenever he’s visiting grandma in the village.
Right now, Mike is sleeping with his head on my shoulder. I’ve been staring at him for a long time now. I wonder why he’s so handsome, I always say that I want my boyfriend to be as handsome as my brother maybe that’s why I like guys with fine face. But not anymore, no! Not again!
Listen up guys, am really a hottie. Born and raised in Lagos so you should know that I can be a b—h at times. Forget about my break ups, I just wanted to be a perfect girlfriend unknown to me that none is perfect in this life.
Am back with a new behavior towards guys this semester, no dulling moments at all.
Finally, we arrived! This actually is our second semester, I saw Chommy running towards me, yea that’s my best friend. Does a best friend really exist? I dunno but I can say she’s one of my favourites, she’s my room mate and we’re really really close.
She gave me a very warm hug, by now Mike is awake…

It’s so good to have Ella back. We’re actually five in our room (Tessy and Funmilayo na club girls, Uche is a dummy but a very good cook quite older than us, Funny and friendly). Twas only uche and I in the room for the past one week school resumed, so glad my baby girl is here…
Ella: girl no fall me down oh, see as you come fat mbok…laughing
Chommy : see her mouth, Mtchwwwwwww, Abeg make I go meet better person..going to Mike, guy Xup nah?
Mike : Aaah my wife material, Aw yhu dey?
Chommy: Me ah no dey marry again jhoor, you no even tell me say you dey come back today’ feigning annoyance
Mike : Oh am sorry swee but your sister in law told you nah
Ella: Mike you never pay pride oh before una go dey marry up and down. Chommy come and carry this bag
Mike : jealousy go kill you, Abeg am tired. See you later. No worries wifey, I will be more of a responsible husband from now on
Chommy: that one na after you don gimme cash, then I will forgive you
Mike: (laughing) you ehn, you too like money. You too expensive, e be like say ah no dey marry again sef.
Chommy : all girls are expensive oh, you just have to take the one you can afford
Mike was laughing on his way out…
On our way to the hostel, Ella and I were now talking about the family, the holiday and how this semester is gonna be like.

It’s been two months now, school is really fun. I haven’t dated anyone this time around. Just then Omolala came to where I was sitting (in front of our department with Chommy and five other girls from my department). She calls herself goddess, a cultist, already slept with 80% of the guys in our department (surgery), sleeps with lecturers to earn her grades, In fact she’s ashawo Kween, I normally refer to her as Omorara (Igbos will understand), we’re not friends so what does she want from me? She’s just standing in front of me smacking gum and giving me a deadly look.
I think it has something to do with Jasper, their capon.
Now, why would she come to meet me because of jasper, what is my business with a cultist? Aren’t you curious?? 🤷‍♀


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